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On an August morning the sun's rays break the Half-Light and gently warm my skin I can smell the scent of your skin your strong safe hands that hold my body With the rays of the sun the desire rises
Careful I'll get out from under your arms and slide a little further My fingers are spoiling my body going through every inch of it Slowly caressing the sanctuary which was not long ago the scene of wild passion and it is a sign of sensitivity to my touch :
"I'm up too "
My pussy is getting wet with the touch and it's petting like dewdrops on a flower
- Good morning dear - whisper it in my ear
And I can feel your hand slipping between my thighs touching the sanctum of burning desire
I'm coming closer to you and I can feel you touching my butt now with a very fine prancing penis
I'm gonna reach back with my hands and smooth it over
- No no no no No no no Finish what you started Dear And as much as I'd like to you won't be in me


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