shovel it in my own mouth

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My dad's smile made me feel better so I went back to sleep I didn't know Otto was lying next to me Late in the afternoon it was almost evening when the bell rang My friend jumped up poor thing didn't know where he was I looked out the window and I saw my dad talking to the neighbor
We put our clothes on quickly Otto was terrified that my father was home
- He must have seen us naked
- Yeah he saw it he covered us up
- I wonder what he'll say
- I don't know but I don't think he'll mind
"I'll be out of your way soon" said Otto
At that moment he was running and he gave me a hot kiss
My dad was talking for a long time so I cleaned up and put the water in the bathtub I took my shirt off when he came in
- I thought I'd take a bath while you were talking
- I'm already here it's just your brother Sanyi can talk so much I couldn't wait for you to finish I'll take a bath with you if you don't mind
- That'll be great
I already pulled my pants down and went to the bath My dad came right after me but he took his clothes off in the bathroom He stood with his back to me and took off the clothes very slowly folded them up and put them on top of each other I watched her beautifully developed back muscles tighten and when she pulled down her pants it almost electrocuted me seeing her beautifully arched buttocks Dark brown good hair something wonderful I got an erection so hard I thought I was gonna come at that moment I don't know what happened to me because it's not the first time I've seen her naked And yet I got so hard it almost hurt
- This water is great He walked in on me in the tub He slipped a little bit and interestingly his dick hit me right in the face
- I tried and the bubble bath smells delicious
- Yeah I like that a lot He started putting foam on himself He saw me staring at his dick which was completely different from Otto's Much stronger more masculine with a beautiful big acorn and a thicker one
The only thing that was amazing was that his hairy body looked very good with this dick which apparently started to grow even though it was still very beautiful The foam wouldn't let him see my boner I wanted it I had thoughts in my head Like how I could put it in my mouth or how good it would be if you put it in me like Uncle Geza
- Wait I'm gonna sit behind you ' cause I'm gonna wash your back
I pulled over and he was standing right behind me I could feel his dick touching me I felt his hot breath on my neck burning my skin It was fantastic He started soap Very gently almost caressed He rubbed it on my neck my back and he was going down I thought I was gonna come the moment he was walking his slippery hand through my hole I was raised a little bit his finger almost slipped into my slot I suddenly came down and his dick was in place I felt rock hard I almost passed outI wanted him to put it in me My dick was throbbing


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