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I was a sex shop courier delivering a vibrator I went upstairs knocked on the door and then he opened the door I couldn't believe itit was a Japanese girl Short about 5 '4" nice almond eyes long brown curly hair and as I said she was about 18 to 20 It was cute how he broke the Hungarian I smiled Good
He put me in the door He had a nice apartment all indications were that he lived alone He invited me into the kitchen said he'd pay me there so I should sit down He took out his wallet but before he paid he checked out what was in the package – since they don't really accept complaints afterwards – and checked it out It had a nice piece of sex webshop-bought vibrator in it To be honest I was a little embarrassed that an Asian girl was looking at her first vibrator in front of me You could tell he'd push it right up his ass He looked at it and paid I was walking out the door and then he said:
- Hey wait a minute Do you want to try out the new game on me?
Oops There were a few more packages to take out but I was stupid to miss the chance: a young young Japanese girl offering herself to me
We went into his room and we kissed wildly When I kissed her my hand wandered into the delicate landscape: I touched her breasts and grabbed her ass She wasn't wearing a bra just a shirt Her nipples were getting hard His butt was nice and hard and I wanted to fuck him right up the ass but I knew I had to wait a little longer
We went into his room and I almost immediately undressed him She had small breasts but they were very nice Namiko was kneeling at the edge of the bed and I was standing both ways kissing her neck and then I went down and I grabbed one of her nipples As I was sucking he moaned softly I went down and down and then I took off his thong He lay down on the bed and then he spoke:
His pussy was pretty hairy – Asian chicks don't really shave – but it didn't bother me at all I was so horny and I don't really like hairy I snuggled between her thighs and then I bit her thighs moving towards her fine fresh pussy It was strong intoxicating yet delicious I couldn't see the groove from the hair so I started caressing it with my mouth which really turned it on and there was a lot of SAP on my mouth She had a nice pussy I started licking it slowly at first then accelerating and sometimes putting his clitoris in my mouth It was wet enough so I thought I'd try out your new toy on it now
- No wait a minute Take off your pants
Wow I knew it wouldn't just be a vibe but that she was so hot I didn't think of it I took off my clothes and he jumped on my dick At first he pulled it with his hand and then slowly began to lick my Acorn He's got a good tongue he must have practiced a lot Before he took it I went to bed and he leaned over me like we were 69 and while he was sucking I turned on the vibrator and I plugged it in He seemed to like it very much because he was excited and moving around and he was moaning really hard He sucked some more while playing with my balls


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