Sketchy Sex Compilation

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I'm lying on the bed dreaming about you again I can't get you out of my head for some reason I can't stop thinking about you Well you shouldn't because I was the one who disowned you I shouldn't have but I did
I remember the first time I saw you maybe I fell in love with you You stood at the door you looked at me and I shuddered but I only attributed that to the February minus We became colleagues I felt your closeness and I kept sneaking around You liked me I felt like you wanted to be with me we used to spend all the time together you talked I listened And then after work we'd meet have coffee have lunch and of course it was strictly a friendship thing One day I told my girlfriend about you my blue-eyed blond-haired friend You didn't have to do that He recognized you he was the one who finally said Your Name You went to college together she laughed at me she told me not to think of you as a man because you're a con man a womanizer And I said "We're just friends maybe not even friends" and you have a girlfriend
I learned that in our conversations but even then I knew you didn't like it your words had betrayed me I was hurt because of what he said About You I was unwittingly more distant to you but you kept wanting to talk to me
One day you even allowed yourself to sit next to me while I was reading my letters writing year after year cynically asking about you again I was so nervous I closed the window before you could read it You laughed and asked:
- Is it a love letter?
- No I'm not - I answered but maybe I couldn't read it from you- I threw that at you in a very insulting way and I saw in your eyes that you shouldn't have
You apologized it was a joke and I was smiling again
The next day I sat next to you and I felt like I was getting colder with you
- You don't love me anymore? - you asked
- But I love you honey - I said half-smile
You looked me in the eye but you didn't say anything you just stroked my hand and walked away without a word
At the end of May we went on a trip to Prague together not just the two of us but with our colleagues By then I knew you were taking serious advantage of women But I didn't care because I almost convinced myself that I wouldn't cross that line with you
But something happened in Prague Everyone went their own way and we were the two of us at the hotel I thought we'd at least explore the city together We did we walked we laughed we tried not to get lost At first you just held my hand and then I felt you playing with my fingers but it didn't bother me ' cause we could still be friends
Back at the hotel you invited me to your room on a friendly basis of course We sat on the bed and laughed You almost shut up
- I want to make love to you - you said it to my surprise
At first I couldn't believe it I thought I heard you wrong But no because you repeated it you made it pretty clear


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