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For 30 seconds he gently rocked to the music slowly turning round dressed in a bite of thong Then he leapt from the table giving all the rain in his path a luscious caress or a long kiss grabbed the Hand of his elf sister and walked back to the platform
The new performer enjoyed his sudden attention and was happy to share the fire of the lustful eyes surrounding Vivian so far He took over the almost naked movement of Vivien and he posed smiling for the cameras on the cell phones
With Marian's permanent fixture his empty glass and a humid-walled beer he drew up beside me asking about the latter:
- Did you get Emese?
- The vibes - I answered abstinence
- Haha You fucked her with Elvish vibrian? - he was surprised - What did you do with yours the real one? Spare him?
- I didn't mean to take it out of his mouth
- Haha
On the occasional stage Vivien spun her around in a dance and touched her partner systematically and with a sudden movement pulled her panties down to her knees Those who enjoyed the show aloud saw only the result and as the Elf's sister obediently steps out of the piece of cloth the size of a walnut
Vivien spun the thong on her index finger:
- Who else takes their panties off?
There was a slight commotion in the audience a few feeble protests and three more panties including Marian snow white rose to the top The blonde smiled beside me blinking alternately on her long legs and on me holding the inseparable more or less empty glass with a white dress reaching to the thigh
"I have never felt so naked" he whispered
The Elf's sister at the top of the folded tables might have felt the same way for involuntarily pulling her little skirt Vivien however did not allow her companion to be occupied with herself and danced with her at her waist In the meantime more and more perky panties rose to the heights and each one was applauded by the enthusiastic audience
The circle around the occasional stage was narrowing Vivien approached the most noisy company who all this time tried to reach out and touch her and patiently swaying at the beat waited until they finally had the courage to pull her panties off
Elvish appeared from somewhere greeted Marian as if she hadn't seen him in years and then she clung herself into my arms and looked at her little sister moving on top of the tables
- Don't I have a nice little brother? - he asked proudly
 We're about to find out how wrong you are You'll find out you don't have a brother you have a sister "I grinned at her as Vivien's hands had indeed revealed all her femininity and two completely naked girls were dancing in front of our eyes"
- Who else has panties on? - Vivien screamed - And a bra? Down with it - He looked at the people around him
The only girl who came to the party by mistake in her pants was pushed on the table and her legs fluttering towards the sky first the jeans and then the purple panties at the cost of another fight
- Marian? - Elvish came to me I've heard from interest whether Marian on my other side qualifies as panty-less In response I was proud to show you the item of clothing in question
- What about you? - I asked him back - A housewife shouldn't stand out from her guests You don't want to overdress them do you?
After a moment's thought Fae took it off turned it into a mushroom and threw on the stage the intimate piece of clothing Some of the same throwing followed the first the two naked girls bent over each time as if eggs were flying
The party started with this unconventional striptease
I was admiring the view With every movement the girls ' butts swayed from under their clothes and though nothing seemed more or less than before I was irritated by the fact that they were probably no longer wearing panties And those girls who danced with each other stroking their butts constantly exposed themselves to candid eyes and apparently enjoyed drooling as much as the touch of a woman's hands
I grabbed two sandwiches and a cold beer
- Do you think the sandwich will be enough? - he was worried about the housewife's excitement Elvish
- You think they're here to eat? - I asked him back - There's a sandwich on the way
It really didn't seem like anyone other than me thought that there was a pile of snacks But a few steps away from us as living meat she was pressed between two guys clinging together a she-hair Creole-skinned girl
 You're not a waiter - I encouraged him - Any luck?
- Don't be silly I wouldn't let a bug in
- Let me see "I drew my hand from her hips down her dress as the wind would bind her to her body and turning back I touched her vulva in the cover of the dress()


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