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1895 February
Castle of Blackarts estate
Melissa Grands was standing in the middle of the salon He reached into his pocket and grabbed the handle of the gun His palms began to sweat his heart began to beat faster He wanted to get through the night as soon as possible Tonight Blackarts will have a mistress for the Marquis of Blackarts hand over his body to the man and then kill him It's what every part of him wanted He wanted revenge on the Marquis for killing his father
The parlour door opened and a tall man entered the room In his tux he reminded her of a big woman Penguin Her brown hair was combed back and she was tied with elegant cofba His face looked like Greek demigods His steel-grey eyes glistened frozen in the light of the candles that lit the room His skin was tanned he must have inherited it from his French mother She had a magnificent herd of men He had a wide chest a narrow hip and a long powerful thigh which he developed during his many-fold ride
- Good evening - he greeted her as she bowed to her and kissed her hand His breath scorched Melissa's skin
- Good evening - she returned the greeting He tore his other hand from the gun and took it out of his pocket
- Well "he began" he came to me this evening to share his bed with me so that he could become my lover
You can still change your mind and go home
- I'm here to spend the night with you I'm not gonna run away because believe it or not I'm not afraid of you
The man had a sarcastic smile on his lips
 If you're not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf then explain to me why you're shaking - her voice sounded like silk wrapped around her body
Melissa's face was turning red Before he answered he took a deep breath and counted to 20 to calm his anger
- I'm just shaking with excitement "whispered Melissa in a whisper" but I did not come here to chat with you" Well can you take me up to your bedroom?
- Yes of course - he gave her his arm and that one put his arm in it
The man's mouth is a happy smile He finally got what he's been longing for for for months He'll have the girl all to himself tonight He had an inexplicable affection for Melissa from the first time they met When he's near the girl he wakes up with a primal desire His groin starts to glow his heart beats faster in his chest his breath is faster and his Palm starts to sweat
They stopped outside the bedroom door and turned toward her
- Are you sure miss? - he asked  Because once we're in there there's no way back You know I can't stand wishing for you
- I'm absolutely sure sir "'replied Melissa
- Rule number one from now on we'll call each other first names and he'll call me Benjamin or Ben
- All Right Ben - Melissa agreed
- Rule Number Two: tonight it's all about pleasure nothing else Do we understand each other?
- If there's no third rule yes - Melissa was joking
The man didn't answer he just smiled as he opened the door The girl entered the room
He looked through the room In the middle stood a bed with a large canopy with a gold curtain blue pillows and sheets and gold blankets as well On both sides of the bed were little tables made of Oak Next to the table on the left of the bed was a huge cabinet And next to that there was a mirror hanging on the wall On the right side of the bed was another Cabinet and a chair
Benjamin stepped behind her He leaned down to Melissa's neck and breathed hot kisses on soft delicate skin His hands caressed her shoulders Ben separated from her body and stepped in front of her He looked into the warm brown eyes that enchanted him Their faces were so close their breath mixed together Her face grew closer and closer to her until their lips clung together
Melissa was the center of the universe Ben's kiss was like a thirsty glass of water The man first kissed gently gently and then this kiss became more and more passionate
Ben irritated the blood-red lips until they were properly opened giving the man a free pass to his tongue
Melissa put her hand over Ben's neck and pulled him in And he moaned and he held her waist and he drew her body closer
The man's hands loosened the ribbon of the girl's travelling robe so the garment fell to the ground Ben fell out of the kiss
- I'd like to undress you "he whispered in a faint whisper"
Melissa's stupor made her sober He didn't want Ben to undress him because then he'd find the gun in his pocket
- No no no no - she moaned
- Why is that? - he was curious


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