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Kinga and I have been close friends for a very long time We went everywhere together even on dates They thought we were lesbians She was my best friendwe talked about everything She used to come over and study with mewe were in the same class
I really liked hanging out with himhe was a very positive person He could always make me laugh I usually like him too
One Saturday night we went out for a good night like always and that night he had a little too much to drink I never drank more than he didI usually took care of him
Half past dawn I started inviting him home but he didn't want to go I sat in the booth with my friends and he sat on my lap I put my arms around her waist without an ulterior motive so she wouldn't fall Whether he liked it or if it was spontaneous from all the booze I still don't know But all of a sudden he leaned over me grabbed my face and kissed me I kissed him back It felt really good Then as soon as he started he stopped kissing so suddenly He jumped off my lap and went dancing I didn't say anything on the way home Not the next day You probably don't even remember it
We were at our house one day talking and I asked him if he wanted to try it with a girl I got a surprising answer He said he'd only try it with me I didn't answer anything I just smiled confused We stopped talking about it we started focusing on the next day's test and we got into it I've been trying so hard to understand math I didn't realize Kinga's been looking at me for a while And then out of the blue he told me he thought I was a good kisser I made such a surprise face that Kinga burst out laughing I joined him Kinga ran out of the room and brought a box of whipped cream He loved it He held up the box and he sprayed a large portion of whipped cream in his mouth He gave me the box and I did the same thing By the time he was done eating cream I was only halfway through and he came up and licked the foam off my mouth
Slow movements feminine sensual
I don't know what got into me but I kissed him right away At first I was overcome with childish curiosity and then some kind of power desire that I wanted him immediately He felt that too because he kissed me more passionately We put our arms around each other our breasts touched I felt her soft round breasts through the thin summer top I'm so turned on by this feeling We stopped kissing and I went straight to her neck I kissed her like crazy but I didn't care Her soft moans made me know she was enjoying it Meanwhile my hands began to explore his upper body In the heat I didn't need a bra so I slowly started unbuttoning her top My eyes drank the sight She had almost perfectly round breasts They're beautiful I slid down and down from his neck until I finally reached his breast; I eagerly put it in my mouth and I licked it and licked it rubbing my hands on the other's nipples He enjoyed it very much
Then I took her hand and led her to the bed I took the top off and put it on the bed I lay on her we started kissing and my hand slipped up her skirt He was wearing a thin little thong()


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