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Introduction: this is a strange story about a school love which due to its "nature" was not easy at all
I got the story from one of my best friends ' brothers (who I'm also friends with)
I should warn you I've changed the names I'm Maty and I'm 18 To fully understand my story I need to go back a little bit That's about two I was in grade school when a new boy came into my class His name was JOCO I could play and joke with everyone but I got in tune with the new guy more than anyone and that made us really really good friends At that time there was a big group of friends we used to fool around with during recess The members of the society were three other girls (Meli and Juli Kriszti) and five boys (Abel and Zoli and Karchi and Nándi and Istike) Meli Abel and Zoli were our direct classmates while Juli Kriszti Karchi and Nándi were parallel (ie the other 2 they were in class) while Istike was one above us We did everything we could with Joco In the following years the vast majority of the group of friends had been "replaced" that is to say three more of the group remained "seed" namely two girls (Juli Kristi) and one boy (Charlie) There were those who joined us for a short period of time such as Juli's brother (Chabi) Kristi's sister (Emese) then their brother (Ödönke) and Karcsi's brothers (first Otto then Palika) But no one for a long time JOCO and I became more and more inseparable He missed him a little more than the others when for whatever reason he could not come and go to school for one or more days It was only with him that I was able to discuss the most sensitive topics of my friends/friends That's how the years went by
She's 8 so we were like 13 14 years old when this thing upstairs and the fact that unlike our fellow classmates and classmates we didn't have like a real relationship with any of the girls so it kind of caught Juli's eye and in one of those breaks she asked us " are you gay?" Well aside from the fact that we were both shocked by this question Joco came to his senses faster and answered the question " How are we gay?" What makes you think that? With that bell ringing we had to go to class And at the end of the class everyone went their own way home But I've really got Juli's question stuck in my head and I've started thinking about the past few days weeks months and years how we've become so inseparable with the boy and why I understand myself so well with him and why I miss him so much more when he's not with me or in school than when anyone else in our class or our group of friends is not present What could these be signs of? I was beginning to understand or rather why Juli (and possibly the other girls) had the possibility that we could be gay
The intermediate signs /in other words that I miss him when he's away; I'm much happier than that if I could only know it near me; too good harmony that is we often finish each other's thoughts/ thinking afterwards reading afterwards there was only one very important thing I had to do before I called him and asked him out And that is to fully clarify the truth and my (possibly) feelings for him Because it was Christmas break I had time And then between the holidays I called her and asked her to meet me at a bakery and I wanted to buy her a cupcake and talk to her about something really serious He agreed and he said he was going to call and ask me to do the same thing We met the next day At first we both felt uncomfortable Why is that? The main reason we felt uncomfortable at first was because we both expected that the other would be really straightforward but for a long time it was the opposite ie excessive retraction It had been more than an hour since we were there when we were both tired of the other refusing to come to the real reasons for the meeting and we asked each other almost in each other's words Why did you want to see me? That's where the quick and simple answer came from Because I've really missed having someone to talk to someone to share everything that's weighing on me I had to respond naturally to that That was one of the reasons for the meeting on my part but there was another On that part came the perfectly understandable question or rather the question: what other reason did you have? After two or three minutes of complete silence I could only answer it My answer was very complex You know these past few days I've been thinking a lot about how I really feel about you It's "just" as a friend or otherwise()


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