80 YO Gunther swallows masked twink’s juice

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When Mario was fifteen years old his younger sister Mira was seventeen and her older sister Jessica was eighteen Jessica was wearing long waist-long dark brown hair and Mira as a boy cut her bright red curls short Both girls were moderately tall but they were almost opposite The fragile Mira was a real chick and Jessica was a womanly fit athletic young woman Its shape reminded me of the crucified string of the arrow If the parents did not know about it but he had regular sex with his friend Tom the basketball player and his sister Mira who also had this experience often masturbated in their shared bedroom in the evening
One night Mario who was regularly onanized but had never met a girl was unable to sleep in his bed His thoughts were about the young girl he saw that day at the pool and who had turned his sexual fantasies on The slender blond-haired girl was 14 at most She was wearing a little bikini and her little pointy breasts had aroused Mario so much she was constantly swimming near him When he accidentally touched it as he was moving it was like he was electrocuted She measured it with an impudent flirtatious look the memory of which was so exciting that Mario's tail began to harden up He closed his eyes pulled down and kicked off his pajama pants and with his right he grabbed his starting tail He pulled the foreskin down and with slow wrist movements he began to re-stir when he heard a faint chuckle at close range He let go of his tail sat up and was astonished to see both his sisters kneeling beside his bed and watching with visible pleasure He covered himself with a lightning stroke and asked as he sat up angrily:
- What are you doing here?
"Ah Mario" replied Jessica giggling " we just came over because we wanted to see what you were doing in your soft fluffy bed Don't mind us let's watch a little more We won't betray you
Mario looked dead at the girls
- You're out of your mind - he said in anger
Yet when Mira rose from the bedside shaking her head Mario looked surprised at her girlish body drawn through her transparent nightgown The nightgown had just reached Mira's groin and the red pubic hair had flashed under it That made Mario feel an incredible desire to embrace Mira's body and shower her with intense kisses She reached out to him and Mira looked at him with surprise and sat down on the edge of the bed He did not say a word but unbuttoned the boy's pajama top and began to caress his muscular upper body with soft movements Jessica also sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the covers off her brother
- Come on Mario
- If you want it so bad - the boy agreed because you found it exciting to do it in front of two sisters - Only if I can watch you do it
Instead of answering Jessica leaned over Tom and smoothed through his hard-standing damage


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