NoirMale – white Boss cheats on his wife with bbc

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I was 16 at the time I was alone a lot at night so to pass the time I used my cell phone to access the internet chat I liked meeting people making friends By that time I was beginning to wonder sometimes I exchanged erotic messages with some people but I wasn't so caught up in it that I wanted a personal meeting with one of them One night I was talking to a girl He was a year older than me and he loved to masturbate Sometimes we did it together I mean on the phone But secretly I wanted a man a real macho man who treats a woman like a musician plays her instrument And I found it The aforementioned girl recommended him said he was nice discreet and fantastic in bed
I was a virgin at the time I didn't know what to do whether to take the chance
I started chatting with A I in chat and then we started talking on the phoneHe was exactly 20 years older than me She had a beautiful deep voice that whispered sensual things to me over the phone He called me almost every night until I finally decided to meet him
After my mother left for work I took a shower got a little dressed up and I went to the corner of the street with a trembling stomach where she was waiting in a car He smiled at me I could feel him weighing me down I didn't dare say anything as soon as I got in the car
- Hi - hi- he said hi - glad you could make it After a short break he said " You look very pretty
He touched my hand and smiled My hands were freezing with excitement and he felt it
- It only happens what you want - he said in his soft deep voice
I was cheering inside We went to the Dunapart it was dark because we were writing a November We stopped and it started to heat up in the car We talked for like an hour and I almost didn't notice how she was living and how smooth the clothes were coming off of me He kissed me on the neck and I shuddered at the touch of the first man
- I've never been
- I know I know - He said it without letting me finish the sentence It's just petting I promise Save yourself for the one you love
I let myself go I could feel her caressing me soft and firm at the same time and then she leaned over my lips and kissed me The way a real man should The boys I kissed before they weren't even close Yeah well he's experienced
I reached for his dick too It wasn't too big but it was thicker She reached into my pants too and I was wet He gave me a slow circular massage of my clitoris and let me enjoy the moments He didn't run anywhere it was just a few minutes later my body flinched I fell on his shoulder and I enjoyed it so much I could barely wake upI was dizzy I kissed her and then I pointed her head at my breast
His dick was stiff I started beating him-it was the first time I held a real real real penis in my hand I was excited to feel the throbbing in it My nipples were staring up to the sky licking sucking On a sudden impulse I pushed him away gently and I grabbed his dick It was wet fragrant and shaved It fit right in my mouth It was so thick and hard()


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