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I remember I was tired that night I fell into bed like a rag doll I was finally happy to feel the softness of my own bed under my back not the hard and rough school chair It was pleasantly cool in the room the early summer breeze blew softly through the window There was even the squawking of the cricket; it was so soothing the street lamp cast a vague yellow light on a corner of the room Sometimes a car would drive by our house but it was completely deserted
I thought of him in my dreams It's been so long I miss him I wonder where he is What does she do? Is he as tired as I am?
I woke up at the knock I was on my way to the door when I noticed someone knocking at the open window I turned around It was him I was happy for him and I tried to smile at him despite all the idleness that came over me
- Hi - hi - he smiled
- Hi - hi - I smiled at him a little tired - What are you doing here? It's 1: 00 in the morning
Because I was leaning at about waist height in the window he could easily hold me and kiss me
- I missed you - he kissed me in the neck I always liked it when he did that and I just closed my eyes when he snapped that we were halfway down the street
- Not here Come on in come on in - I whispered in my ear so my dad and dad wouldn't wake up
As soon as he hit the ground with two feet in my room he pulled me back in and kissed me He was always so good you could get lost in it The feeling the knowledge that I gave myself to him the intoxicating kiss the delicious taste it all made him special
He started stroking my waist and then he kept moving my side up until he finally got my boob in his hand Just the thought of his presence made my nipples hard and I could feel his kiss smiling
He pulled up my sweater and got rid of it He always said he liked me to make things so easy for him and not wear a bra under the sweater:)
We were eating each other and all my fatigue was gone and I wished for it with every fiber of my being He was also more passionate about kissing my neck and then my breasts
As he began to kiss my breasts his hand slipped unnoticed into my pants and from there unobstructed into my panties I screamed when he touched me He caressed my pussy it made me wet
 I feel like I'm a good influence on you  she smiled at me and I kissed her full of desire At times like this he says he always wants me When the fire in my eyes explodes when I can't control myself and when I relieve my desire I kiss him he always feels he can't let me go because there will be no one he loves so much and no one who loves him so much()


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