ethan breeds blake

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I look at myself in the mirror I look good I'm wearing a dark blue mini dress with black stilettos My wavy brown hair falls lightly on my shoulder I'm wearing light makeup I'm going to a bar Alone Actually I wanted to go with my friends but suddenly everyone was busy That's interesting It looks pretty good on the outside I just picked this place at random but as soon as I walked in I know I made the right choice There's quiet music there's only a few of them As soon as I enter everyone will be quiet I smile and nod I'm heading to one of the empty tables The waiter's right behind me helping me take off my red fabric jacket
- Thank you - thank you
- No problem she smiles at me and puts a drink card in front of me
- Thank you but I won't be needing it Jack Daniels?
- Sure Ma'am
My lady makes me smile What century are we living in? Ma'am? I don't look that good Or is it?
- Ice please
- Coming right up
While I'm drinking my whiskey there's a guy sitting across from me I raise my eyebrows
- May I ask your name? - she smiles at me with charm
- No I'm not - I'm smiling back at him
I'll drink the rest of my drink and go to the bar
- It's okay You were my guest - says the man in my ear Close very close
- Thanks but I don't need it
- Oh I can see that - all the way through My heart stops when I look at her erection He's got a thing for me I'll take a closer look He's wearing a black tuxit's not cheap She has a nice face brown eyes and brown hair I'm all turned on too but you mustn't see it on me
- Did you just call me a slut? - I'm surprised to ask
You seem surprised to see that your compliment has gone the wrong way He walks up to me our noses almost touch he looks me in the eye
- Come with me - he takes my hand and drags me with him There's a hotel above the bar By the time the elevator gets to the room my thong's all wet I got turned on by a strange man a hot but strange man
- I'm not gonna sleep with you - I'll report it when he knocks the door into the room
- We'll see about that - he smiles half-side and starts kissing my neck
I'm going to go through her hair She puts on my dress she puts her hand in my thong He can feel it all wet There's an animal rattle coming out of your mouth His other hand is massaging my breasts I'll start undressing her He pulls the thong off me and throws it away He looks me in the eye
- You still don't want to sleep with me?
- No I'm not - I'm not so sure anymore He kneels before me and throws his head between my legs My legs are shaking I can barely stand on them If you keep this up I'll leave standing Suddenly it stops He's gonna get up and pull his dick out I don't have to fix that anymore Stiffer than ever And it's great I'm really swallowing I'm not sleeping with him I'm gonna kiss him and before he puts it in I'm gonna push him away
- I told you I'm not sleeping with you - I smile sarcastically
- You did But people say a lot of things What if I make you do it? - My pussy's throbbing I want to do it I want to sleep with this stranger I want to feel his big dick inside me But why don't I do it?


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