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The woman entered the room where everything was already prepared on the table separate whips cane sticks whips shackles ropes mouthwash…
He was waiting for the right moment to call her in He had fixed his stockings which had just peeked out of the top of the long-stem boot He loved black as dark as he is He walked around again The candles were burning the fire was in the fireplace and he was burning from the inside He knew exactly what was going to happen tonight and even he was afraid of it What if he goes too far…
The man was introduced to the suite at exactly 5: 30 just before midnight when the monsters woke up But in time for one to be sure
The woman from a dark corner watched him kneel at the door He didn't hear voices so he didn't know what else to do He got down on his knees sat on his hind legs and opened them up with little legs Hands on his thighs back stiff His eyes scrub the stone floor She moved picked up a riding crop from the ground probably left it here yesterday by her boyfriend The memory boiled his blood and it was not inconsiderable that an empty canvas of men kneeling a few feet from him Undressed skin which should soon change The man heard the noise and he flinched but he didn't look up "Oh yes" she thought very well trained”
- What's your name? You can only call me Mistress
- My Name Is Josh My Lady
- What do you want Josh? Answer me
- Pain my lady
- Oh are you subordinate? Or a masochist?
- Both my lady
- My favorite Janik knows what I like
- So I'm going to ask you the last real question What's your excuse?
The voice was lodged in the man's throat but he uttered in a hoarse voice: Ayva my lady
- All right Ajva will you say it if you want me to stop?
- Yes my lady
- I really like that you talk so little If you talked too much a nice little crowbar or a gag would be in your mouth I've read your preferences Now get up there's wine on the edge of the fireplace I'm thirsty
The man stands up from the servant's posture walks slowly and comely to the fireplace as he gets closer feels the heat sucking into his naked chest the heat calms him he knows his place he serves that's why he lives Nothing else There was so much noise in his head this morning and now It's all gone He lifts the two glasses from the rim and the wine he makes there His mistress is still there She's a little insecure doesn't know how to pour wine There's no room on the table but there's no room on the table because I'd rather look all over it He knelt again without thinkingbut now before his mistress He placed the two glasses at his feet and poured wine into both
She watched this quietly when the glasses came at her feet sucking in the air a little sharper
- Who said You were drinking she leaned gracefully her corset pushed her breasts further forward she grabbed the man's chin forced him to face her and then she stood up and drank one of the glasses He knocked the other one over with his foot In some way miraculously the glass did not break but rolled away and the wine spilled on the stone floor
- Look What a mess I made because of you your sweet little face Lick it If your technique is good the next thing you lick is me If you understand then say yes my lady
- Yes my lady
The man began to lick the wine off the floor expecting it to taste bad but no he totally felt the taste of the wine It's like he's not eating it off the ground Then she poured herself another glass but not a full one He sat gracefully on one of the armrests of a chair and crossed his long-boot legs
"For fuck's sake" he thought to himself " he humiliates me he looks like I'm a commodity on the market and I still love him”
When he killed her he stayed in that position Like a fucking dog God she loved it These are the moments worth living for when a man who is supposedly stronger than him lies at his feet You can do whatever you want with it and you enjoy it
- Get up before I make you kiss my boot's nose
But he didn't ask permissionhe threw himself on her shoes Then a sharp pain fell into his back which though bearable was unexpected and frightening
- Did I? Answer me
- No my lady
- Can you do anything without my permission?
- No my lady
 You've been a bad boy so I'm gonna have to punish you This is gonna hurt a lot You might say your escape words You may not be able to say it anymore
The man had an icy terror running through his eyes She grabbed him by the neck and put him in a standing position Damn she's stronger than she thought This outfit is so luscious Oh my god I just got away from the sight of it


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