cZECH HUNTER 484 – Amateur gay for pay

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I'm kneeling naked in front of you My only attire is a wine pretzel attached to my ankles and wrists and a blood-red high-heeled shoe At your command I will put my hands behind my back and you will tie my wrists Then I'm gonna have to reach out and you're gonna stretch my elbows and tie them up My muscles stretch from unnatural body position my breasts swell up Then I have to stand up with a stick between my ankles in a wide spread
You lift up my hands behind my back which gives me a dull pain and I fall from the top You raise my hands even more the pain comes in waves I almost fall But it's over you tie my hands to a rope that hangs from the ceiling I'm very uncomfortable with this pose and my muscles are stretched to the end and my bulging breasts seem to be slightly larger
You start whipping my ass I'm gonna cut you off every time you hit me The pain is getting stronger stronger When I don't get hit again I breathe You step up next to me you grab one of my nipples and you place a clip on it I'm in pain My eyes aren't blindfolded I'm terrified to watch you go around me and squeeze my other nipple between tweezers Then you step out of sight()


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