FamilyDick – Hung Stepdad Plows A Sweet Twunk’s Tight Asshole

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I lay naked in the sun on the Dunapar Nothing but water the sun and me I didn't go to bed because of the tanI went to bed because of the feeling of nudity It just turns me on when I'm not wearing anything My dick was flat on my stomach and under my back the stones of the riverbank were pushed through the towel but it didn't bother me at all I looked at the water
It was early in the morning and a few hobbies were rowing upstream towards the Danube Bend I didn't bother much and they couldn't decide whether to look at me or the water in front of them I smiled a little bit seeing some of his confusion Then a cruise ship passed me later but I thought it was better to get on my stomach So they could only see my ass and trust their fantasies to the other side A thick but bulky tool perhaps a thin long erect large acornor a solid hide
Well my penis didn't have anything special: standard length standard thickness A lot of people say it's about size and sometimes I wonder what would happen if I had a big fat dick But more people say it's not about size it's about playfulness Well mine was a player and he was already making out drawing attention to himself with little nuances after I turned my back on him Of course I tried to control it which I did and I didn't have to deal with a massive boner
It's like an aphrodisiac it's like you're just overwhelmed by the will of your genitals and thinking about nudity I'm not sure that's just sex but that's what it is It's exciting to watch yourself naked which is not you but what's exciting is that other people can see you I think it's called exhibitionism Of course it's even more exciting to watch naked women But I didn't really see that coming Of course you could ask me why didn't I go to the nude beach then? Well as a solo boy I don't need gay men giving me greedy looks I don't have a girl partner for nudity so that's why I was alone (If you know anyone who would come with me at this hour just let me know;) )
The ship passed like an old lady moving slowly and earnestly up against the strong river of the Danube and its waves fluttered along the shore covered with pebbles I continued to warm myself in the sun and watched the water with my hands clasped under my head More rowers were moving up some of them in boats and boats were filled with potential gazebos namely pretty girls and women in swimwear many of whom looked out at me There was a man sitting next to some of them who tried to pull the shovel a little harder to get out of the undesirable zone sooner or rather took on the more powerful current dribbling along the river and rowing away from the shore
In one of the ships two young girls came and it would have been the worst thing to do if they would have ended up by my side and offered their services Well I wouldn't have resistedI wouldn't have resisted either But they didn't land they just continued to row It made me feel good that I didn't hear a giggle after the boat which meant I wasn't taken seriously I guess I'm not as ridiculous as lying on the beach naked I do have a small stomach but lying on my back doesn't show it at all and what's even more surprising is that my completely shaved pubes didn't give me a reason to giggle
My cock was moving and he was slowly lying on his back and leaning on my stomach I haven't been stiff so don't get me wrong and I haven't been hard But it was fun to play how much I can hold it back I'm burning up inside all I can think about is sex boobs pussy and yet I'm trying to stop myself from getting a boner And I did I tried to get my penis back on its feet several times but I could always control myself Even if you have to learn to control yourself it's a good learning opportunity
The sun was rising in the sky and I was getting warmer I couldn't stand it much longerI had to go in the water There are those who would never set foot in the Danube and they will be fine It's true you have to watch the current because it's strong enough but for a good swimmer that shouldn't be a problem I was a good swimmer too so I went into the water with my heart and swam in for a long time
By the time I got back to the beach I was surprised to find my partners A man and a woman ended up with their boat on the beach not far from where my stuff was I would have preferred to have only one woman next door but I didn't know what to do He was in his 40sshe was probably a few years older They were both already on a blanket and none of them wore bathing suits


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