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My parents got divorced when I was 15 and I went to my mom's after the divorce so I only saw my dad on visiting days and with the parents ' consent I stayed with my dad for two weeks during summer vacation My mother never remarried so it was just the two of us but my father married Zsuzsa a year after the divorce Zsuzsa was a woman between 25 and 30 years of age of proportional build blonde green eyes
My first summer was uneventful but on the following weekends we grew closer We went to the movies we went to the theater we walked around town Zsuzsa became more and more sympathetic and I noticed her femininity and I think she noticed that I've often confided in him in things I haven't even dared tell my parents By the time I was 17 she was the first love of my life Even though I didn't know how to approach a beautiful woman like her I was always with her if I could I've taken her wherever I can And in the meantime I used to look at her ass her breasts as they were bulging out of her dress Sometimes I could even take a look at the dress cut I used to masturbate in bed at night thinking of Zsuzsa And it was summer break and I couldn't wait to spend the two weeks with Zhuzsa
I stole one of her lace panties from the dryer One night I went to bed I pulled out my panties and I started jerking off when Zsuzsa came in He saw my cock standing his panties in my hand and all he could do was Wag and wag in his confusion She blushed opened the door and went out I calmed down got dressed and went to the living room He was sitting in a chair watching TV I sat in the other chair
- Are you mad at me?
- Why should I be mad? You're 17 I wonder if you don't want me I'm right here in front of you in my full body mature woman you're at the beginning of your sexual prowess nothing more natural than liking me There's nothing special about it it's just that this was unexpected for me too
 I'll put your panties back in your closet just don't tell Daddy
- Yeah sure
From this night on strange things began to happen Zsuzsa walked in on me in the bath her cell phone rang asked me to bring her in and when I walked in she was getting dressed she was in her underwear her breasts were covered I don't have to tell you I've been masturbating every night The other day me and you went down to their summer house on Lake Venice On the way we agreed that as soon as we got down we'd change and go to the water I was putting on my bathing suit when Zsuzsi came in He was still dressed
- Aren't you going to change? - I asked him
- Yes you are
And right in front of me she started undressing First he took off his shirt then his skirt and then he threw off his pantyhose I started to get horny and the front of my bathing suit was really bulging up Zsuzsa took off her bra and flashed her shapely tits I just stood by and watched what happened next She took the bikini top out of her purse and put it on Then she pulled down her panties and I had the most beautiful pussy of all time in front of me and all I had to do was reach for her She put on her bikini bottom and headed for the door I couldn't control myself anymore And then I stepped up and I hugged him I started kissing her neck He reached back and put his arm around my neck and pulled me to his neck He started moaning
- Finally I thought you'd never dare
I started massaging her breasts through a Bikini top He let go of my neck and put his hand in my bathing suit He's starting to get on my dick He turned around and he stood up to me and we started kissing His lips were firing so hard I thought I was going to come We started pulling the bathing suit off each other When we were completely naked I walked her to the couch He sat on the bed and ate my dick At first he started sucking it slowly and then faster When he couldn't speed up any more he took it out of his mouth and started stirring my acorns with his tongue He must have been doing the tongue flapping about two minutes ago when suddenly my juice burst out of me spraying all over his mouth his face He cleaned my dick and then he started pushing me down to his pussy()


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