Breed It Raw Production: The Fuck House Complete Series

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One summer the case I'm writing about happened to me We were 15 or six We were hanging out at my friend's House during summer break I loved it there because her parents worked all day and we owned the apartment When we were bored my friend came up with something completely new
He came up to me and asked me if I wanted to use a sword I thought it would be stupid so I went along with it So he gets up on the bed and pulls out his dick I didn't disagree with thatI thought it was interesting and I did the same thing Then we started sword fighting with our tails After a while we got tired of it and he came up with something new And then he packed a blanket in his bag and we went across town behind the little forest behind the fishing pond Behind the fishing pond there was a stream where we used to go fishing It's a popular place so many people came by so we took refuge in the big grass There was this older guy who used to go out pretty often but he never went fishing It was normal we'd say hello we'd say a few words and then we'd go our separate ways
As we went along the trampled grass road we could see the person further away but I did not give him a greater role because I focused on the new experience We went into a place where you couldn't see it from the road and we dropped the blanket And my friend began to take off his clothes That's what I did When he got rid of everything he got down on his hands and knees and told me to fuck him It was a little weird but it wasn't unknown to us because we'd been hiding a lot of porn magazines by then By then both of us had a hard-on
I got on my knees and he pulled his ass apart He was so tight he had an open butthole I could have fit a finger Instead I nailed my dick to it and started pushing it in It was so tightand my friend just hissed and moaned I felt my foreskin come off as his butt slowly lowered and I slid in more and more Then we heard a rustle from the grass and I fell asleep and slipped out of his butt and he reassured me that it was probably just the wind From then on I was ready to fight again with no care for the rustling and I pushed on again but much more easily I've been up my boyfriend's ass all the way when he took my hand and pointed it at his dick so I could bang him I didn't have to work much because she was super turned on All I felt was that the hole in his ass would start to rhythmically Twitch and his rectum would wring around my dick so hard I'd come I could feel him cum all over my arm and just as I was about to cum on his ass over the grip of his anus I was caught in a wave of orgasms that shook my whole body so I rolled over on his back and I was just resting I'll feel him digging into my hand and licking the shit he's got in my hand He offered it to me
I pulled my limp dick out of his ass and lying next to each other I started licking it too It didn't taste bad It was so hothis dick started to move Then he told me it was his turn I got on my hands and knees and waited When I looked back he was wiping his butt and using the sperm that was leaking from it he was rubbing his dick against the front door And neither did I he wasn't subtle just pushing him in The result was that I was in terrible pain Which he noticed and then he slowed down and didn't push so hard I have tears in my eyes He couldn't push it in because the sphincter was very slow but he nailed the tail of my butt one more time and it was like he was massaging my asshole with his acorn and he was pushing it in circles By the time His Acorn got through it had been ten minutes And then that tension let me down and the pain slowly turned into a beautiful pleasure as his dick went all the way into me When it reached the base of me it stopped and began to move in me with circular movements which my prostate massaged in such a way that my dick moved from one moment to the next And then he started fucking me and he grabbed my waist and fucked me so hard my dick went off on its own I felt the tremors and I fell on my elbow And then he said "he's not done yet" and he started fucking at a tremendous rate and then he came inside me I could feel his throbbing dick pumping cum into my butt and then suddenly he pulled it out of me and next to me and I was lying next to him in that squishy position offering me a hole in the sky
There was a great silence only the sound of our breathing and sometimes my hole twitched and then fluttered like a gaping fish but it made a squishing sound about the sperm I was next to him We were rested and wiped ourselves dressed and headed back to the city When we reached the fishing grounds we sat down on a bench to talk Suddenly he appeared from the direction we came from the person we just mentioned Then we came to say hello to each other and then he started talking to us()


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