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At the time of the story I met Victoria a year younger than me This is a very intelligent pretty black-haired (gypsy) girl who was a very attractive woman Actually he was under me in elementary school all the time but I never noticed him before We got to know each other fast we got to know each other fast Three days later the first kiss happened It was the happiest time of my life We walked around holding hands licking the same ice cream together laughing We were almost in love We've grown so close it's like we've been in love for years
One night like every night my friend Balint and I took a shower There were separate cabins but we could talk and sing My friend Bálint was expecting a phone call that night so he finished his bath early I was alone in the shower when I heard that the tap that Bálint had closed had reopened I looked into the cabin and then I saw Viki Almost perfect brown skin wore turquoise blue bikini She was so hot I can't deny it I was getting a boner right away He flashed me his beautiful smile and without saying a word to me with his index finger telling me to move towards him I didn't care that I wasn't wearing any clothes I was walking towards beauty Although I was a little embarrassed to come up with a semi-rigid penis it kind of seemed secondary at the time I mean the fact that my girlfriend at the time brought me into this situation was both convenient and exciting He embraced my more bearish body and began to make out wild Suddenly he stopped and looked me in the eye He told me when we first met that I had really pretty eyes and he loved to watch She bit into her reddish lips smiled a little and stepped back to see my then completely rigid male member He licked his lips and smiled and slowly pulled his right hand down on my back He grabbed my ass and then he reached out With his left hand he grabbed me by the neck and drew me closer to him as he began to pull my dick with his right hand I felt like it couldn't get any better for me And then he let me go for a second and turned off the bathing suit on his chest It can get better There I was feeling shy and then I approached him and I pushed him into the cabin wall We kept making out like we did before His hands were in the same place as before I didn't want to let go of her butther touch was so good Of course I reached into her panties and looked for her pussy When I got tired of the bikini being there I unobserved the rope and it fell off I held her whole body up by her thighs so she was in a higher position As our lips touched I could feel my standing cock touching her wet pussy I didn't know if it was the shower that got him wet or if he was enjoying it so much I was hoping it was the latter I interrupted our kiss to embark on a journey of discovery on her sexy body I was kissing his neck when I felt his little nails carved into my back I knew his neck was sensitive because I'd seen it before I lifted it a little higher so I started licking its chest God it was so good I've never been here beforeI had no idea what to expect I felt like heaven He was stroking my head while I was rubbing his nipples I was there for like two minutes when I slowly lowered Viki He grabbed me on the shoulder and threw me against the wall across the street He approached me as passionately as a Bond girl from the water I wanted him and he wanted me He kissed me on the lips and to my surprise he went exploring on my body He knew my neck was an erogenous zone and he took advantage of it Then it went down He was kissing my nipples I could feel him caressing my ass I was just watching the water drop off on her back hoping she'd want to kiss me down My stomach was upset when he threw himself on his knees My dick touched his neck I couldn't believe it was real That this is really happening With me He leaned back a little and took my tool in his hand As he beat me slowly he looked me in the eye I loved it when he looked at me I knew what was coming next He leaned closer to my dick and put it in his mouth It felt so good I had to look up I felt that warmth around my dick The play of his tongue the exhale of his breath I looked back and it was so weird It's like watching POV porn but it's really happening It's the first blow job of my life and it's done by the girlfriend I was in love with It was perfect I put my hands on his head He seemed confident but he asked if he was doing it right
- Is that okay with you? - he asked
"Perfect" I Replied I don't know exactly how long it's been maybe three or four minutes but I indicated to him that I was about to cum
Where would you like to enjoy yourself? - he asked and he kept beating me - My tits?


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