sucking my buddy before the university

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It's autumn I'm a little cold Pressed against the window staring at my nose at the world outside It's nighttime but the sun still lights the leaves of the trees as cute threads It's a strange happy feeling like listening to a love song and your heart aches
I just stand there and cry silently I think about him I miss him I know he's just working but every minute he's not around he's miserable
I can barely hear the key rattling in the lock He's coming through the door I don't want to turn around it's so good to hear you approaching: the muffled pounding of your footsteps on the floor
He gets behind me he turns me over and he hugs me I still keep my eyes closedI want to feel it with my soul
He kisses me I feel tingly and he doesn't care to see me again I slowly open my eyelids and look deep into her blue eyes He smiles I kiss his face I rub his stubble on his chin The touch makes him crumble I moan I wish you mad I'm not gonna say anythingI'm just gonna drag her into the bedroom You know what I'm thinking
I hold her long inhale her scent a mixture of air and sunlight from her being I'll relax he's with me again he's all mine
Reach under my chin lift my head He's a little scared he asks if there's a problem No I answer it's just good that there is so I won't say anything and I don't want to ruin the moment with words  He calms down kisses me softly soft but Manly His tongue caresses mine while he caresses my buttocks His strong hands reach into the two half-spheres and then slowly and slowly seek the bottom of my shirt He finds the hem i stretch out my hand to make it easier to take it off the sound of the substance is heard
It's quiet it's quiet He looks at me he looks at me like he hasn't seen me in years I step closer I hold her again kiss her neck button her shirt Tears are in my eyes because I know I'm lucky to have found you but I'm afraid I'll lose you again
He comes to me he holds me tight we're practically melting together His hands are in my hair and he makes me look at him with a gentle gesture I'll think about it so through the tear curtain his face is completely different
- Something's wrong tell me - he does but what can I say that I'm afraid of the future or the present that I'm terrified that he won't come home one day because he loves someone else? Oh how many times did I tell him that he just laughed and kissed me I know I'm all he's got but I'm afraid of what happens when things don't go back to the way they are
I have to forget these thoughts Hands on my chest A sigh breaks from the deep no need for more her lips kiss hard her stubble stings but I'm intrigued by this feeling I rip his shirt off button his pants His tail seemed to be waiting for this free from the excess pointing to the north with pride I'm going to get down on my knees and I'm going to look into his eyes and I want to see his face I just lick his acorn he snorts and he sticks me in my hair He gently guides my head as I lower his Manhood to my throat I enjoy his every move his taste his touch I know it's coming to an end but I don't want it to I want to feel it everywhere so it fills me up so that every part of me is his He can feel that He pulls me up and kisses me there's no sign of a demanding kiss just a caress He leads me to the bed and he lays on it with such slowness caresses me and whispers in a low voice how much he loves me and I have nothing to fear and he finds me and he won't let me go even if things don't work out the way we want them to I can feel the warm happy feeling of butterflies flying in my belly She smiles again she caresses my face she caresses my neck her hand caresses me incessantly He's over me he's looking he's holding my eyes I feel bad again Something's wrong something's wrong my mind is racing
- You sure you want me? Are you sure you want to live with me? - he asks in a quivering voice
- Silly how can you ask that? I just want you I just want to be with you Why would I wait for you at night washing your stinking socks?
He laughs like all the troubles are gone we pick up where we left off
It travels down my body touching my breasts gently biting my nipple
I'm losing my mind I moan I moan every time I think about him licking me I almost come On my Venus mound she lingers caresses and glistening eyes as I enjoy it
- yeah please I can't take it anymore - I moan almost silently
He kisses my thighs and begins his tongue's maddening play Playing with the big lips sucking on my clitoris I can feel my vagina throbbing As if he knew what I wanted slowly push his fingers into my wet crease With his other hand he reaches up and shapes a ball from my nipple so he spoils me It won't take long I'm getting a loud sigh I don't even recognize myself I'm shaking I'm squeezing the sheets I don't know where I am I'm just resting as the waves of lust calm down


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