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It was a nice autumn afternoon it was late A young couple walked among the fallen leaves holding hands in silence Sometimes they looked at each other stealthily: their eyes smiled instead of their faces And then they entered the woods where they were not exposed to untrained eyes They stopped after a few steps and the boy turned the girl against him and as he looked at her the rays of the Rising Sun drew a golden halo round her head
He held her with his hands free their eyes entwined followed by their greedy lips kissing each other with hunger as if they were living their last moments
The arms of the girl slid softly under the trench coat and they smoothed it from the shoulders of the boy who for a moment let the girl spread over the dry sun She took off her open coat under which she wore only a thick cardigan and a plump skirt and stockings He wrapped one leg around the boy's foot and unfolding from his kiss he pushed it back on the coat spread over the thick avaron
He looked round but did not see anyone reaching up the edge of his skirt and taking off his lace thong stepping out of his shoes threw it to the boy who caught the white garment He recognized hershe gave it to him for her birthday and now she was familiar with the stockings and she had a pair of garter belts and a pair of thigh bras; she hardly needed a bra in her life and her half breasts were so firm and flexible that they would have sounded under your hand if it had ever been in a hand other than your daughter's
The boy conscious of his surprise had put on the garment he had received a few months ago eagerly sniffed the least dry panties His eyes turned into hungry wolf eyes and he eagerly awaited the sequel
She bent down and fiddled with the boy's buckle tried to free his mistress from her trousers With the help of Imi the buckle was broken the buttons were open and the girl had already pulled down the trousers and boxers which at the bottom appeared to be a proud spear He looked around again and climbed over the boy with a luscious crawl covering their lap with his skirt


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