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Lake Balaton in the summer we were on vacation with my life partner Gabi and a couple of friends Peter (who was in grade school) and Rita his girlfriend Unfortunately it only lasted four days because of the various work holidays We used to rent a two-bedroom cabin together not far from the free beach and a couple of bars where my friend and I would like to go out and have a beer At this point we usually let ourselves go while the women were sunbathing having fun on the beach or at home
It was the same that day on the third At noon we'd sit down and stare at the women at the Beach buffet and then we'd end up looking at all the ladies and we'd go back to the cabin and surprise the girls how soon we got back
To complete the surprise we snuck through the gate quietly sneaking back into the cabin hoping to catch what the girls were talking about when we weren't together The little kitchen was empty so we went to our room quietly The surprise was a success but it was our stand that fell upon the sight that came before our eyes On the bed made up Rita lay half-on it and beside her my lover her hand in her purple bikini moved rhythmically while they kissed wildly Rita was the youngest member of our company when she was 21 us all three of us over 25 and under 30 Her skin was still Snow White during the sunbathing for reasons unknown (as was the case with Peter) and she only flushed Her body was girlish her tiny pointed breasts and her thin hips were in complete contrast to Gabi's tan her large breasts and her womanly hips My dick immediately became stone hard and when I looked at my buddy I could tell that he was very excited by the sight of it As my friend later told me the whole thing started off by accident with oil lubrication and even the day before that happened
Suddenly sensing that we were watching them they noticed us almost at the same time Gabi screamed her hand out of Rita's bikini bottoms and they looked at us terrified Continue I moaned hoarse leaving the Martini bottle on the table with trembling hands Peti approved My beloved more shy still looked frozen but Ritus had drawn his hand back to his pussy with a glistening eye To make no doubt about our intentions my friend and I immediately took off our clothes and took our clothes off naked on the bed In fact it was not possible to doubt our resolve for both our spears were firmly in front and ready to fight Petit was slightly smaller than mine but not far below the 19-20 cm We took the girls ' clothes off so their charms opened up for us Luckily Rita had a shaved pussy just like we all had lower bodies So she really seemed like a very young girl which was disproved by her lush eyes We put him on his back and then without any encouragement he put his head between his legs and gently sometimes wild rhythmically he began to lick the pretty pussy with his butt up I for one was over Peti's woman while my buddy was kneeling over my girl We looked at each other and smiled Peter dipped his penis in Gabi's vagina I suppose by then and he raised his face which glistened with SAP and then hummed the girl with his tongue whom I had just shoved my dick into her mouth There was no need to beg and he looked at me almost gratefully and immediately fell upon it and began to suck with great enthusiasm The room was full of lustful moans and groans and I couldn't take my eyes off my girl who was practically naked fucking herself and licking the battle pussy
Then they came one by one First Rita who at that moment ate almost all of my dick and smoked it moaning (apparently my girlfriend is a pretty good Licker) and then my lady too with a wild tug on her backside which Peter had shortly before his full sperm with a rattle
So that I wouldn't miss the orgasms lying on Rita's slender little body I fell in I'm not disappointed it was really tight Slowly stretching the pleasure I began to stab him even though in the excitement of the situation I wanted to push him as fast as I could Peter placed himself in his mouth while my beloved knelt on his chest and grabbed his still-wilted tool and began to excite him and thrust it into the mouth of the girl below me a few inches from my face She gave him a blowjob while Gabi shook it between her lips And then my lady snorting Rita's cock out of her mouth playing with my face Sometimes in the excitement of sex we've had a few conversations about trying out with another guy and now he's offering me the chance And I did it It's incredible even now looking back At first I was licking my balls of saliva sperm and pussy juice and then as I got caught up in the heat I took it in my mouth and I started sucking it It was a strange feeling of hot virility as it filled me up but I also felt the excitement and pleasure so I did not allow Peter's dick back into his girlfriend's mouth which my girlfriend started beating faster and faster Underneath me Rita was staring at this with her eyes open and howling with pleasure To be honest I would have done the same thing if I hadn't been so busy
And then one crazy moment my friend came in my mouth and then pulled it out between us and our faces Part of the hot sperm was given to me and I swallowed it and it wasn't an unpleasant new experience to have another man's semen between my lips In fact it turned me on if there was any way to enhance it and I started making out with Rita tasting sperm from each other's mouths with our tongues In the meantime we got really fast and I got to the top too I rolled off the girl panting while the others stared at us mesmerizing with their hands on each other's bodies
Rita saw the time to slip to my friend and stick her head between her legs and lick and finger the gaping pussy that glistens from her boyfriend's cum The moan intensified again and all I saw was someone fiddling on my dick Since the girls were busy with each other it had to be Peter I looked down surprised My friend was getting acquainted with my virility and the sight of it the excitement and the pleasure made my dick hard again He was doing better and more and more in love with me swallowing my prancing penis deeper and deeper But I couldn't stand it any longer I pushed his head away I laid him on his back and in turn I began to suck his half-hard cock again It was a special feeling I don't feel homosexual but I often think of him aroused I haven't had a chance to do that since Knowing what's good for another guy I did everything my tongue and mouth could do The voices made the girls come again and looking up at the fade away I saw that while we were spoiling each other they were planning something with a cunning smile We've been briefed They turned me around to get my ass up like a woman's and I knew what they were planning but I had no intention of resisting Yet I was surprised to find Peti's genitals touching my butthole Looking back I saw Gabi adjusting the tool to me again Rita lay down and spread her thin thighs wide open and pulled out her fire-red pussy I began to lick it feeling the taste of my own semen but it only made me more and more wild and I was more and more bold as to push my butt back on my friend's Dick who gently slowly gently slipped his hot cock into me The tension at first caused me pain but after a few gentle strokes I started to move my buttocks pretty good and it got better after Gabi slid under me and started playing with my dick It was a wonderful feeling it was an extraordinary experience I didn't feel any shame about fucking my buddy up the ass like a woman and I didn't feel any shame about how much fun this is for me Peti's cock was full and Ritus turned and put his butt in front of my face and I took care of his asshole And then it happened something that had never happened before and it hasn't happened since (unfortunately? my friend came in my butt I could feel him pulling his dick out of me the motherfucker coming out of me Immediately afterwards I sprayed my friend's mouth and face which surprised me since my dick was not hard at all I'm afraid it's over
After that it was just a matter of going home but maybe I'll write that down another time Unfortunately after going home Peter and I were getting further and further away which I'm sure was a part of the confusion because we saw it differently in everyday life My girlfriend and I have been together ever since fortunately long enough to be able to deal with this case and we often remember those moments when we were making love I feel like she'd like to repeat the summer experience


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