Bamm Bamm, Romance & XL Pt. 2

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Or sex sunlight water and glitter in the fire of lovemaking
I was naked My body was hot caressed by the light of the setting sun My golden hair falling to my bottom has been kissed by the sun with even more stripes I lifted my arms and stretched out My breasts were stiffened and between the two piles a diamond necklace sparkled gracefully My parents gave it to me for my birthday It was October but it was like August
I dipped my foot in the nice water of the pool I had a little shiver before my whole body got goosebumps My nipples are hard
'Here I am' whispered someone in a voice of desire in my ear His hot hands reached forward and grabbed my breasts It was Levente my only sexy teacher
She was already naked I could feel his stretched phallus pressing against my back with his biceps triceps and not at all All kinds of sepsis
I smiled and turned around I winked at him like a little girl
"You're being punished" I said and I sat down I put my feet in the water I put my right foot on the left
- But you are Why? - he asked a little desperate It made me laugh My voice sounded like a thousand little pearls falling down to the marble floor
- You haven't even kissed me today You think you can just come at me? - I said feigned resentment I crossed my arms in front of my breasts and turned my head
I heard a faint laugh and a splash Then before I could come to my senses he took my thighs apart and kissed me in the cup My hand fell back to support myself I sighed softly
- Where do you want to kiss Princess? - he asked hoarse - Over here - he kissed the tip of my clitoris and I had this primal fire - Over here - now you've inserted your delicate lips into the tiny opening of my vagina - Or maybe Here? - he kissed the entrance to my anus His tongue slowly causing sweet pain ran down my cut He found my clitoris and he kissed the sensitive little button Then when he's so frail he's screwed And he just smoked it He smoked it
Next thing I know I'm coming But just as I was about to calm down his humping tongue surprised my vagina He stabbed her hard but as gently as before I caressed her blond hair with my trembling hands
And once again I reached the peak of cloudless ecstasy
- Kitty - his voice was shaking - Turn around kitten - he gave the order gently and then went into the water


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