Hung Stud Makes His Little Stepbrother Feel Better

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My parents had two stores on the beach where I worked quite a bit where I used to sell bathing suits swimming tires and horn chalices The ice cream shop was next to our kürtÅ‘sh kalách building Most of the time there were two good-looking women working there but I only liked one of them very much I used to come over and talk to him and he would always offer me ice cream which I was really happy about especially since they usually had pistachios because that's my favorite The days went by and I spent more and more in his company of course my parents weren't too happy about it but at the time All I cared about was how to seduce this beautiful woman Long black hair tall full-breasted so it was perfect for my taste When the job is done at home I thought a lot about it and especially that there once an ice cream parlor in your own I do I was very excited about the crime scene and associated with his unconscious Radiance which was too much for me
I went over to her house one day and I couldn't handle my feelings and I asked her if she could stay and talk to me after work She was a bit of a withdrawn woman so I had to take all my knowledge in order for her to finally say yes and I finally did After closing we went for a swim and we talked a lot but all I could focus on was his body as the water drops reflect from the sun shining on his beautiful breasts I was burning with desire and the water couldn't cool it down and then in a sudden movement I held her close to me and kissed her It was a fantastic feeling and I felt that he didn't object and kissed me back with an incredible amount of heat As I kissed him my hand went on a journey of discovery and I caressed his body underwater and I finally touched his breasts which I long for Under the water my penis was swollen to a great extent which he felt and then he stroked it through the pants with his hand I told her that I really wanted her and I really wanted to go somewhere private and continue there After a long thought we decided to continue in the back room of the ice cream shop although there was a little bit of fear in it because his boss would come down and take the proceeds but eventually it was forgotten because we couldn't stand to be together anymore We went into the little room and then we went at each other
We gave each other long hot kisses and then I went down with my tongue after using my hand to free him from his top bathing suit Her beautiful breasts were presented to me and as a baby I threw myself at her with my mouth and smoked and sucked while holding her with my other hand He was getting very excited and then he breathed more and more and as my hands began to caress his bathrobe he began to tell me how much he enjoyed the situation I got rid of her underside in no time and then I saw her freshly shaved wet pussy I felt a great urge to finally lick it and then after a little more time on her tits I finally got down on my knees and put one foot on my shoulder and pampered her pussy The juice of the lust was pouring on me but his sighs his slight moans encouraged me to slap my tongue even more even more()


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