BelAmi 4Way DP

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Hey guys I'm Klári and my father-in-law and I were doing a really good show-off when we got busted twice My mother-in-law and my husband caught me but by some miracle everything went well and the party ended in a foursome
The next morning being a Saturday we had coffee together I looked at the faces but it was like nothing happened everyone was acting like it It's just that the eyes weren't looking for the other one this time
I broke the silence once but it became an even bigger burn
Dad gave me coffee with his eyes down and I called:
- Cream please
I'm sure it's the memories but Dad was so embarrassed he immediately knocked down the sugar pushed the spout with his hand and of course his head turned red like beets Needless to say this made me very embarrassed and red
Gábor and Erji were watching us with their eyes wide open They showed it they figured out the reason for our confusion
And after that we had coffee in the dining room without a word and we all went our separate ways
It was strange because I was hoping these four-way Sessions might recur but I didn't see any sign of that
Days passed and life continued as usual Until the next weekend when Elizabeth and I were alone in the apartment she knocked on the door He stuck his head through the door:
- Aren't you going to take a bath Clarice? - he asked me with suspicious kindness
- I'm going
My heart was pounding in my throat as I felt my pussy wet in an instant The desire the fear the curiosity worked in me with great power On the one hand my mind wanted to run away and on the other hand I was driven by the restrained erotic experiences of the two bathrooms together
I walked into the bathroom the big tub was already filled with water and Erji was pulling her panties off of that unconscious desirable butt He asked with a smile:
- You want me to help you undress? - and he came before me without an answer
I was wearing a robe and my thong but I let them both off Erji opened the dressing gown dropped it and caressed my breasts
"They are very pretty" he leaned over my neck to kiss me
Then his hand slipped down to my thong and put his hand behind the strap He slowly approached my pussy and the urge to stick his finger in me got stronger And he fulfilled my desires
"Come" he whispered softly after I stepped out of the thong
We sat in the water but the warm atmosphere brought us both back to reality We both lost our longing and we gave in to the pleasant feeling of warm water Erji put his head on the edge of the tub and sat across from me with his eyes closed
It's been a few minutes since he spoke:
 I'm sure you're wondering what's going on with Gábor and me
Well what can I say? I loved Gábor very much and despite my affair with his father I was annoyed by what they did to Erji a few days ago
- Gábor was just as inhibited and odious as Zsolt was at 16 - started the story Erji - Zsolt and I were 16 when I met him In both the hesitation the fear of the Young who had grown suddenly when they came in contact with girls and the girls abused Gábor's naiveté goodness as they did in the association We used to play sports at a club and we used to play Psalms girls which he used to play with such an innocent and sad face That's why I fell in love with him But I didn't want my little boy to be treated like that
He said the second part of that sentence so hard it made me shudder
"I saw him once" he continued " sitting at his desk playing with his genitals Even then he had such a long dick but it didn't mean anything Trouble started when he started enjoying himself He beat his sperm onto a photo which he looked at for a long time and then licked the sperm off of it I wanted to stab him first but I didn't tell youI went into his drawer the first time And the photo was my old bathing suit I'm so excited that my irredeemable long-tailed son is making a monkey out of me To think when his dick hit me I wished I could be with him
I looked at the face of Erji who was still talking with his eyes closed and I could see that he was still aroused by his recollection I had a desire that wasn't the subject of itI just wanted to feel something in my pussy I grabbed her foot and pressed it against my pussy He without opening his eyes flinched stretched his thumb against my clitoris and slowly moved it I got a little high and his toe slipped into my pussy I was overwhelmed by a well-known warm feeling and I was hoping for the best part of Erji's story


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