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Just over from the newcomers ' ball here's the next event or rather an orgy The whole school's swarming there's a big party coming up again He's never here
it's a peaceful period of rest but you don't have to it's just the right thing to do
Right now the annual Pirate party is being held We're in the room getting ready Tight leather pants sexy slutty leather boots
I'm wearing a knotted blouse on my chest and on my head I'm wearing a classic triangular hat
- Ahoy sis - I'm snarling at you and laughing
- Oh sister you're a real pirate kitten now - tell me with a smile and surround me
He'll get dressed He puts on a torn miniskirt a black bikini top with a skull and crossbones with his desirable breasts just swelling up and a pair of black laces no panties
- How do you like me? - he's turning around
 You'd make a pretty vagina for any pirate's "saber" - I'm laughing
- You ready to go? - he asks impatiently
- Of course we're not gonna miss anybody - I'm laughing
The entire corridor is arranged: barrels skeletons cages floorboards under our feet Pirates everywhere But we're going straight to the lake though
there's a lot of people holding their swords in the other one It's almost dusk The sun paints the landscape in reddish-orange On the lake near the shore a huge
a pirate ship floats and several smaller ships anchored alongside it The whole lake district looks like a pirate's nest like it was pulled out of a movie
On the beach and on the boats there's a lot of people having sex eating each other and there's an orgy going on
- Look at all the pussy and the tail Let's go and throw ourselves among them - I'm gonna take your hand and drag you down with me
The heel of my boot is knocking at my feet
- Well? You ever see anyone you'd like to fuck huh? - I ask you as I scan the others
- There's more - take a good look around - And you have you got your eye on her? - ask with a naughty smile on his face
 I see some promising candidates too - I'm laughing at you
- Let's go you little sea urchin - and he starts in the crowd
I'm just going the other way too I'm walking sexy my butt and hips are alluring in my leather pants My Poltergeist boots command authority and attention
I'm gonna stop and take a little peek at a trio of sex One girl fucks the other and the one who fucks the other girl fucks the ass They make a real little chain
One of them sees me:
- You want to join us? - he asks with an unmistakable mocking voice
- YesI can I can - into the next eye of the chain? - I said " dangling my dick"
- Pick a chain end - says the middle moan
In the meantime they fuck each other on a regular basis the colour scheme of stockings the glitter of boots grab the attention of the passers-by skirts at the waist pants down
I'm at the end of the chain four a member I'm gonna cut my dick to the bone in three girl's butt screams but I don't mind too much I enjoy your tight ass
I'm gonna start fucking her on a regular basis and I'm gonna move forward and massage her breasts while I stroke her back with my tiny breasts My hard nipples are ploughing
his skin One day someone's standing behind me and they're all over me His dick is huge swollen long I can feel it throbbing inside me Keep the vial tightly closed
waist and hump like a machine
- Who's behind me? - I moan with pleasure but I don't turn around
- I'm Bogi - whisper it in my ear and keep fucking hard - Hope you don't mind - and he kisses my neck
- No goooondhhh mmm - I'll just moan and caress your butt with one hand Encouraging him to work even harder
get inside me and don't get out
Grab the waist in front of me so you can fuck even tighter In the meantime I can feel someone fucking Bogi I see him at the front of the line
also join during We have quite a long chain
I can feel the tail on my ass getting deeper and deeper inside me It feels really good There are more than 10 of us in the chain and
I love this new awesome feeling I've never had anything like this before but it's really good The members of the chain are very sympathetic and the wave is getting bigger and bigger as we fuck each other Everyone's moaning and moaning and grabbing everyone around him
The chain is very long and I can feel the momentum moving me and I hardly have to move just to enjoy the pleasure I moan
and I pet the people around me Everyone's moving slowly towards the climax The moaning and panting are getting louder It's accelerating
Everybody starts shaking there's more people coming in but a lot of people are just looking at us and jerking off
- Come on  it's like they're screaming at us to keep going ' cause it's really hot out there


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