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He was headed south so Pedro left too ' cause I'm sure the company's been looking for him Kris was in a hurry to get to the salon He was having a great time he was back in his confidence he was full of good Tuesdays His face was sparkling
At the Salon Laura told him quickly how many people she had been And he said:
You look like you've been replaced you're a very good color
Oh thank you very much I have no complaints and I am happy and I hope to remain so
What has happened?"he asked
You saw that handsome guy last week who was in there wearing a white T-shirt muscular
The one with the charm? Your wallet brought it back didn't it?
Yeah him
Of course I could see that I couldn't help you I was gonna lead you into every corner of the salon
They were laughing
Well I don't think it would've made a lot of difference I led him into my apartment last night and he led me into my own bed
Laura's jaw fell off Lucky you
Don't you have a brother? I could use one to be happy
I don't know I'll ask and let you know
He went back to his desk laughing because he had a guest
The accountant showed up brought the statement that the payment had already been transferred to the account
It's all right he thought He was full of ideas his face was smiling all day He's in love he whispered to Karen
Just don't let them fool you again
Let's trust him
Kris read the daily paper and found one in the city ads that caught him again
In the heart of the city in the shopping center opened up the former cosmetic warehouse
Rent for any purpose Price agreed upon Ask in person
Kristian realized that when he saw the room there for shopping it wasn't rebuilt it was emptied It's a good place to open the centre Right in the center close to everyone
He was a little desperate because he couldn't start anywhere but he thought he'd ask Pedro because he's working out somewhere and then help him calculate the starting costs
Last night he was online looking at how much things cost and he had no idea that exercise machines and weights were so expensive Everything's new and a fortune That's hard to get even on loan The bank can't afford that much He doesn't have enough money to do it so he doesn't know what to do He called Pedro but it was off I hate it when the phone is silent He was annoyed with you She immediately thought of the Krsitof scene but she quickly hesitated to think that he was cheating on her too
That's when he remembered Mateo how much he suffered because of Jero There's nothing worse than jealousy how do you get used to it?
One day He was smiling
He called his accountant again and asked his advice if he could find a way to help him make a lot of money in the shortest amount of time The accountant asked for time and he promised that if he knew anything he would signal
He was sure he could really count on it because ever since the salon opened up he's been managing the finances and there's never been a problem That way the person you might visit will be the real proof that the person you're looking for is trustworthy
Pedro finally signaled
I'm sorry Krisi he called it special Since I came in late today I had to go to a company so I had an order and I drove to another town And then I went under Are you well?
I'm fineI'm fine I was just a little worried you weren't on
You're sweet to think of me
It was a very good conversation and their relationship began to deepen and they were both interested in each other Will I see you tonight? He asked timid
"I would like that" said Kristian
All right what do you say I take you to Koala take a look around?
Um you've been thinking
If we're not long he begged
"Only as long as we have fun" said Pedro
Nine hours is fine with me
I'll be there
I love you he said with a clear voice
It felt good to Kris hit him in the heart touched him
I love you too hurry up
Kristian was happy hooked up with a guy with a place and he's got plans
From his wardrobe he took out his new purchases His jeans gave him the big shot and his T-shirt turned into him Gold's necklace turned up too He had to be able to cut me open I need to impress everyone that I'm someone And because he was sure Pedro's friend would be there he didn't want to disappoint
He took the new bouquet to the bedroom barely had helly and the space was full of her
Pedro arrived on time last night He called me on his cell said he was downstairs waiting for him Kris pushed his door and went down He came in in a black BMW resting outside the apartment His eyes got big when he saw Kris
Hello Say hello gently
You're not trying to kidnap me are you? Kris asked him I don't like getting in a car like that They were laughing


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