Brian Woodard and 10 Tops

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After I arrived at the hospital for the night shift I checked in as usual Nothing out of the ordinary there were some new appointments for the morning tests It was common in the department where I work Going through the night assignments I made a list in my mind about what needs to be done by 7: 00 in the morning During the visit I noticed that one of the patients waiting for an examination was a young boy who I thought was very cute even though he was sleeping I checked his chart He was scheduled for routine tests prior to military service It was my job to prepare him for the X-ray tomorrow That meant I had to give him an enema
"Oh what a pleasure- I thought so "Patients have always loved enemas Why me?"
I went into the room to introduce myself to her that I was the night nurse As soon as I walked in he was awake
"Hi- I said hello "I'm the night nurse I have to prep you for the morning checkup Have you ever had an enema before?"
"No"'he answered and I saw a timid smile on his face
"I must be imagining things"I thought I'd go and collect the necessary supplies "Maybe if the worst is over the rest of the night will go faster"
When I walked into the room I asked him to take off his clothes and put on an open hospital gown in the back I placed the rack above the bed and hung the tank at head height Then I went to the bathroom to fill it with warm soapy water
"How many times have I done this?"I asked myself
When I got back Paul had already taken over the Cape I gave him I had to realize how attractive and rainful a thrill ran through me when I thought I'd see her naked In the meantime I continued to put the props together I connected and fixed the tube put as little enema as possible on it I noticed that the way I explained what was going to happen Paul got a little excited He breathed faster and I told myself it was because he was uncomfortable Until I noticed your cape bulging My eyes spent a few moments on his groin He noticed I was staring at him so I went on with my explanation and tried to be as professional as possible To lower it I had to bend over the bed and press the button I saw him smile because he could see under my cloak and see the little slit between my legs I noticed that I was getting red but I was also really turned on
"How nice to have you alone in the room that could be interesting It'll cheer up this boring night- I thought so
I asked him to follow me to the bathroom in the room and I took the tripod with me I asked him to undress and assured him it was a standard operation and I've done it a hundred times In the bathroom there was a bathtub and a dresser and a stainless steel handrail in between I told him to get in the tub and hold on to the railing and put his butt out I put the tripod behind your back and I grabbed the pipe I took out the Vaseline to facilitate the insertion of the tube I asked him to reach back and pull his butt cheeks apart
I can tell you he was a little embarrassed but he also had an erection I really liked that so I put cream on my middle finger and gently applied it to her butt
After I made sure he was perfectly creamed I could see in his face that he was swooning enjoying it His dick was already standing like a pin
"Hmmm- I thought so "I like that"
I kept masking the opening and then suddenly I slipped my middle finger in I waited for your reaction and was pleasantly surprised to hear you sigh He kept his butt up so I could get to it more easily In that moment I completely forgot myself I rolled up the bottom of my cape and put my foot on the toilet so he could see my entire thigh all the way up to my lace panties I slowly began to caress the inner side of the thigh and watch him straining to watch my movements()


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