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The bustling city was now covered with ominous silence and darkness I felt there was no escapemy carefully constructed life was over If Matthew finds out what those chatty old ladies and that bad-mouthed spinster Gabriella saw I'm finished God just when I've finally forgotten it I've been thinking about Matthew at night (although he's not by my side many times) and this scandal is just starting to happen and it's unfounded Nothing happened in that room It could have happened but it didn't We recalled the past we talked as friends about our memories and talking about the Times of hardship was touching and comforting but I found it calmly and calmly that his proximity was no longer a source of fire
I was so mad at myself at everyone at this whole stupid situation I felt like I had to go down to the cafeteria and get a drink I slipped down the stairs in a low voice and my nightgown was barely covering my curves and it was cold being the middle of the night so I put on my negligee I entered the dining-room with my eyes I searched the liquor cabinet in the dark when a powerful voice struck me:
- Come on you're right we have to drink to this big scare If I were you I'd have shit my pants run like hell but I've always admired your presence of mind- he screamed at me seeing my steps backwards
- I'm not here to drink I just heard a noise and
 Come on I know you if you heard a noise you wouldn't have come down here You're here to drink dear you've been drinking for a while you think I haven't noticed?
 Matthew you're drunk I'm going upstairs
- You're not going anywhere - he was screaming like a mad lion - No I'll be your drinking buddy tonight -he used it to pour me a glass of scotch and hit the table with half of it spilled  You stay here until I tell you to leave - then he grabbed my arm with his strong fingers causing me sudden pain
- You're crazy you're hurting me - I shouted at him but the more I struggled the more he gripped me causing me incredible pain
- Does it hurt? Wow the ice queen has feelings Hahaha- he laughed sarcastically threw me on a chair I moaned painfully and he took a sip of his drink  You have feelings and not only are you opening them up to that Wimp it's new to me - he was screaming again
- Please don't yell the staff will wake up I was trying to save what was left of my honor that I didn't have  You know nothing happened between us nothing
I already bit the end of that sentence because I got slapped in the face
- Don't you dare apologize to me And in my house people wake up when I say they can okay?
His eyes flashed he was incredibly angry He sat across from me at the table I've never seen him act so animal
- I'm gonna go to bed - I tried to sneak out but he stood up and grabbed me threw me back in the chair where I was sitting
 You're not going anywhere you're going to listen to me - he was screaming as hard as he could
He was sweaty with hundreds of tiny drops of sweat on his forehead and the light from the outside of the city made them visible and his eyes glowed in the dark
- You're gonna listen to what I have to say Hahaha- he laughed sarcastically againI couldn't stand him when he did that - Of course nothing happened in that room But it wasn't up to you honey I'm talking about the poor bastard who's so cowardly he couldn't even take advantage of the situation Hahaha
- András is not a coward I didn't want to
And he had already raised his right hand and I had shrunk in fear and I regretted speaking I felt another blow on my face but it seemed to change his mind because he didn't slap me again but he grabbed my neck and started squeezing it but not so much that it hurt
- Let me go you're drunk you should go to bed
- Yes I am drunk but I'm drunk because of you - he screamed again - Just for you In nine years of marriage I've never felt that you loved me even a little
He let me go and went to the table
- If we made love Hahaha Did we make love? Yes I made love to you I gave you everything you needed but you were struggling under me
He drank his glass and filled it again
 Every time we slept together it felt like there were three of us in bed Three of us okay? - he was screaming - Me you and that poor bastard
He came back behind me threw his glass in front of me with one hand broke into a thousand pieces and I snipped it
- What you don't drink? That's why you're here Are you still scared? Hahaha
He grabbed my neck again but now he was squeezing it more and more I could barely breathe


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