Ftm edging and ruining an orgasm

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I was madly in love with a guy named Boti Her beautiful brown hair and eyes bewitched me I saw him many times on the way home and I always wanted to touch him
I had a problem I've never masturbated I don't know what it's like to pleasure myself I've read erotic stories but I've either been touched or laughed at and even if I was excited I've never satisfied my desire But I've always wanted Boti to do it
And then one day on the way home he spoke to me
- Hey Anna can you wait for me? - because we lived in the same direction but he always came home later I'm surprised you know my name
- Of course I'll wait for you I'm free no one's home – he talked to his buddies for a few more minutes then he stepped next to me and we were on our way
- I've thought about going home with you many times but I didn't dare to talk to you And then today somehow you didn't have that much confidence and that's why he smiled confused I could barely speak
- Confidence?
I laughed
- What are you laughing at you're cute at this hour
 Well not many people have ever called me confident But I'm glad you're walking me home
- Me too …
We didn't say anything until we got home When we got to the front of the house I gathered up all my courage and asked him if he wanted to go up for a drink He said yes he's very thirsty As I walked through the door I felt a sexual desire growing inside me He came after me and I gave him a glass of water and then I instinctively turned on the machine forgetting that my background was nothing more than Boti And that the home page will pop up as soon as I enter my account This is the home page so it's an erotic story page When I realized what an idiot I was and I wanted to turn the machine off Boti with the glass in her hand sat next to me on the couch and she took my hand
- Don't turn it off please
He started reading and after I saw how he got into it I started reading too I really liked the story it was imaginative and sensual I felt my blood run up again but now the person I wanted was sitting next to me As I looked away I saw that I wasn't the only one drawn I'm blushing She looked at me saw how red I was took my hand gently and whispered in my ear
- You didn't call me up for the glass of water my darling little whore
"No" I whispered
 I should have walked you home a long time ago
- I've been waiting for you to do this
- I don't know
- …
"Say it little bitch" said he slipping his fingers into my trousers putting his mouth on my neck
- I read a story every day but I never touch myself it would corrupt her whole beauty I'm always looking for someone else…
- Something else? - he asked in a voice of desire
- Mm-hmm To you
As I said her mouth glided over mine and began to kiss wildly passionately in love
- I've been watching you go home every day for a year beautiful or attractive hot
I couldn't answer I just stuck to his lips again and smoked kissed him His fingers began to write circles around my clitoris and I felt heavenly and it didn't take me long to get to the top This is what it feels like maybe I'll masturbate from now on it's wonderful
I saw that he was very excited too and though I had never done this before I hoped that all the stories I had read would help me so I unzipped his fly took his tool in my hand and started pulling the skin on it With a faint sigh he indicated that the stories were well-taught Then he began to sigh louder and finally pressed so much between his teeth:
- I'm leaving - and at that moment white semen spilled on me I was dressed like a whore I was told by a lot of people especially my girlfriends and I always left a little perspective on my boobs Now the fresh sperm has spilled all over my dress and has slowly run down my breasts I took off my shirt and Boti pulled down my pants and then she pulled down hers while I covered her chest with kisses took off her shirt I was standing in a bra and a thong The sight of it excites him and his tool began to stare again
- You look wonderful honey…
I looked at his chest his chest his cock and his beautiful legs She had an impressive body
"You too" I said in a low voice in a voice of desire My mouth was dry I had to drink I can't believe it right now I got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water but by the time I turned around to go back Boti was behind me
- I want you "he said and he began to suck my neck and his finger again fell on my clitoris and I laid down the glass and moaned softly and then he put up two fingers and then three fingers without stopping to excite my clitoris" He was whispering in my ear the whole time:
- Go away beauty come away Anna-she had a very hot deep voice and what she did to her fingers was incredible I put my hand back and I held it in my arms and it felt like a weird pose but it was really good Again it didn't take much and I came()


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