familydick – jailbird stepdad gives it to his hot boy while on house arrest

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I danced drank whiskey laughed and entertained and listened to the jokes of strangers and acquaintances until the drink went to my head Then I just fell into the nearest chair and watched the others kiss dance and talk I closed my eyes because the whole room was spinning with me
- Are you feeling ill? "Adele the hostess I met that night asked He leaned over me with a worried face
- It'll pass - I told you
- Maybe the whiskey wasn't cold enough Or it's too hot in here I'll get you some mineral water
I said yes And then suddenly as if the alcohol had evaporated from my brain everything was clear to me my eyes were pierced into Adele's cleavage She wasn't wearing a bra There was a discreet scent of French perfume He noticed my eyes and smiled
- Oh he's not as bad as I thought he was I'll get the mineral water
- No Adele Stay here
Mark with whom I came to the party danced with a tall blonde and the others were having fun too Nobody listened to us Adele continued to lean over me and she seemed to bend even more showing her breasts fully
- Do you like it?
I swallowed a lot before I could answer
- Yeah they're nice
She reached out her well-groomed hand and touched my nipples through a cloth
- Yours is nice too She has beautiful hard nipples
Her fingertips circling my chest her gentle touch made my nipples swell I turned my eyes from her breast looked around the room No one was watching us Adele kept stroking my nipples
- I like her breasts They're lovely "he whispered in my ear" I like to feel their weight and shape
I couldn't resist my own self-indulgent sigh Adele glanced at me with a joyful look the tip of her tongue which appeared from her slightly open lips and moved with excitement to the right and to the left
"Don't say such things" I asked though I didn't want you to stop teasing me with words
I stretched out my hand myself and taped it to his chest through his clothes I could feel the heat emanating from his body I put my hand on her breast leaving her motionless on the soft hill Then Adele put her hand on my chest stroked me
- Come on - he said his eyes lit up
- And the others?
- Whatever They can do whatever they want I want to feel your body Come
He reached out to me pulled me up from the chair and holding my left hand with his warm right hand slowly led me between the dancing couples and groups of conversation I think I'm blushing I certainly would not have dared to go so openly with him had it not been for the hot hand which led me through the room then to eat then to the third floor up to the stairs into a room where in front of the fireplace the fur of a giant polar bear was laid on the floor His glass eye was definitely looking at us He led me to a mirror with a gilded frame standing behind me holding his body firmly against mine
- I like to watch what happens - he said as he looked in the mirror for my eyes - You know sometimes I lie naked on the bed spread my legs and tease myself with my fingers
My reflection excites me
His hand slipped off my shoulder on my chest and on my stomach and went to the edge of my dress He started winding it up In the mirror I looked at his eyes wide open and his glare as my dress went up and up and my nylon stockings and my lace knickers appeared
- You look beautiful This is exactly how I pictured you when I saw you arrive with Mark I was sure you were wearing tights I like to feel it under my fingers
He spoke in whispers his breath was hot I felt the tip of his tongue gliding around my ears on my skin at points so sensitive to kissing He kissed me but he didn't take his eyes off my feet At the same time his whole body was attached to me I could feel her breasts on my back her legs next to my legs As my excitement grew so did hers He slipped his hand on my thigh and began to caress me I turned my face towards her kisses and she accepted what I offered He took my lips between his lips and then I felt the tip of his hot tongue as he entered the corner of my mouth looking for my tongue I turned my head even more so that we could kiss passionately
Then I turned around to draw him in as hard as I could
We hugged passionately and began to kiss our breasts touched and she rubbed her belly against my stomach with circular movements He pulled up my dress and laid his hands on my ass in tights
I got dizzy from all the kissing and caressing and I felt my feet getting wet and we hadn't even started the real caress and it was just the beginning of what came after Adele sensed the state she put me in()


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