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The woman
I'm lying in bed My co-worker is breathing evenly next to me
- "I was stupid"I thought angrily I should have been bolder I mean I brought a conservative nightgown a normal pajamas and a very sexy baby feather I took off my pajamas early But I thought the black vaguely translucent babydoll reaching mid-thigh was too provocative when I went to the bathroom to change If I wear that I'd be mad not by my mischievous thoughts but by his touch by his kisses He wouldn't let me sleep and I wouldn't let myself Although it's true that when I came back to the room he was asleep I could take that as a warning
- "Sleeping next to me?"'I was dissatisfied' said he ' it can't be"- I observed comfortably stretched out under my blanket in the dark room of soot
After we arrived as it turned out we didn't have a separate room so we packed up and went to the city for a bit of a stroll Back around 5: 00 we decided to check out the hotel bathroom At the reception they handed us a large bathrobe and a robe because it turns out all services are available naked Besides us there was a German group of 6 to 8 people down there We've tried everything The sauna steam and various massage pools I was surprised at how natural I was It's like we've known each other for a long timeI took my clothes off in front of him I'd be lying if I said I wasn't offended when flegman mentioned that he slept naked and since he didn't bring his pajamas he can't do anything else now - "You can't hurt me anymore"I should have said it but I didn't have the courage
Now there's a naked man lying next to me and instead of hugging me my hand glides into my lap More and more focused on my erogenous zones
"If he moves "I played with the thought" I touch him with the appearance of involuntary"I put my legs up in the middle so my wandering fingertips could play on my pussy - "No"'"I said Suddenly" I turn to him I'll touch him " I said "Or perhaps I should turn to the side "ran a pleasant tingling through my body as I touched it --" with my back to it "I stretched my muscles --" and so I could move close to it"'I cast off my limbs with a low voluptuous sigh And then I turned to my side to push my ass towards him He moved too Maybe he was about to turn on his stomach His warm body touched my uncovered ass as he put his arm around me "This couldn't have happened any better" I thought and I moved gently into his lap
- "Oh my god"'I realized' his dick stands up"and the touch of his penis gave rise to excitable impulses - "How tough"'my heart went on and on' and there it was a few centimeters from the target ' my luscious thoughts continued
- "What if he's not sleeping?"'I said later' he said ' I raped her'"I smiled a little
- "So tell me"inspired by my stupefied brain I had my tail aligned on his lap so that his acorn would fit between my thighs
- "Here you go"'I said almost audibly' if you don't sleep you're on the home stretch"and I pressed my ass even harder to his groin He didn't move he kept sleeping My pussy was shaking waiting to get in I had to do something to feel it inside me
- "I can't believe he's sleeping"'I might be annoyed' said I 'you must feel the slippery opening of my hot vagina' and raising my legs bending my back slowly pushing my ass back and I might have felt satisfied as your Acorn flattens the muscle ring of the entrance of my vagina so that you may be compartmentalized and pushed deep into me
The man
I'll pretend to be asleep I'm breathing perfectly still I'm trying to deduce from the low voices what he's doing I feel uneasy It's like he can't sleep I guess my math worked 'Cause when I found out we couldn't get a room because of an organizational incident I kind of blabbed that I was sleeping naked And I told him I was restless because I was spinning around But don't even think about me Move aside if you can't fit on the double He can't wake me up because if I'm sleeping it could be gunfire for all I care Of course we had a bed big enough to keep our distance but somehow I was hoping we'd get close Pretty close I was hoping something good would come out of my remark but he pretended not to hear it
I guess I did In fact I could feel it in the sauna with his timid looks: he is interested in me He was stealing from me But I didn't dare invade And I didn't want to


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