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The school trip they've been waiting for is finally here For most of us it meant getting drunk and partying at night but for some it was a couple of days that gave us a chance to have sex
Gabor and Linda have always been close but it was more of a boy-girl friendship Linda usually had a boyfriend but relationships never lasted more than 1 or 2 months But his friendship with Gábor has been unruly for three years since they were classmates
Gábor didn't really have a boyfriend let alone a girlfriend He was a nice guy but he kind of keeps to himself She didn't get along with anyone in class but Linda But Linda had a lot of girlfriends so she didn't pay as much attention to Gábor as she wanted But they meant a lot to each other They met a lot outside of school They were walking around talking They were bullied by classmates because of their serial friendship "Come on you guys are definitely dating You're just ashamed of Gabi because she's so stupid"But they didn't care much about that
On the first day of the trip the class went straight to the beach because they were staying in a small resort near Lake Balaton The weather forecast for them was beautiful all four days spent there The next day the homeroom teacher killed the team for a little museum crawl Unfortunately there was one in the neighborhood Then sightseeing Linda loved clothes He liked to shop with Gábor because he had good taste So when he saw a short blue summer dress in a little boutique he immediately dragged his friend in to try it on
Gabor just stood there and watched as she stepped out of the dressing room The dress was tight to Linda's bosom and her beautiful curves were well highlighted He turned and asked:
- Not too cut out back?
It was cut mid-back Gábor's eyes glided over her beautiful brown hair her beautiful back her tight buttocks her shapely legs and then said:
- No I'm not You look so beautiful in it
For the first time in his life Gabor felt he desired his best friend as a man He couldn't look at me the way he used to She always knew she was beautiful but she'd never seen her so sexy But Linda distracted him from thinking Perhaps because he suspected the sudden silence of his friend was no longer for the dress
- Then I'll buy it
On the third day no one allowed themselves to be dragged into a culture program Back to the beach And Linda was wearing the dress they bought together to Gabor's delight They're tired from the day-to-day swimming
It's the last night This is when good campers get drunk ? But Linda couldn't hold her liquor so she went to sleep in her room at night Anyway he slept alone in a four-bed SBA That's how it came out All the girls ' rooms were already full and with four escort teachers coming they couldn't put it next to the teachers Because he was a good student they trusted him not to take advantage of being alone in any way
But no one thought that Gabor wouldn't take advantage of it? About 1: 00 in the morning he went to sleep a little tipsy He walked past Linda's room and remembered to see how she was sleeping or if she was up there they'd have a little chat He opened but very quietly Linda was lying on the bed in a thin almost translucent nightgown His feet were sticking out from under the covers Gánor took his breath away He saw it again like he did in a boutique Beautiful and erotic He realized he was in love with her He closed the door behind him That's when he noticed the key was in it Suddenly he didn't know why but he turned it in the lock
He stepped up to the Sleeping Beauty He just stood there and admired her At that moment Linda was the most beautiful woman in the universe Her erotic desires were all over her He leaned over and kissed her It was a soft and sweet kiss on the girl's lips He didn't even wake up Gábor was frightened for a moment What if you get up there? But he didn't care maybe because he was a little chipped maybe because he suddenly fell in love with a crazy person She's had sex with girls before but she's never found anyone so wildly erotic she was the first girl in the world she ever really loved


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