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I'm so prepared I can finally see the sea I've never had that in my whole life It's not a miracle with 16 years but my parents spent a lot of time by the sea but they always forgot to take me I was with grandma and grandpa often by a river I liked it here too because I learned to swim well we did a lot of boating and lately there's been a group of friends that we've been fooling around with a lot Last summer a lot happened Our summer home was next door to a family in their 40s and they were also on holiday but for a much longer time than we were They had two daughters about 20 years old but I didn't know their age and I tried very hard They took advantage of all that made fun of me teased me and even left to go skinny-dipping in front of me I tried to get closer to them but I couldn't really get past staring The girls ' mother used to say these girls are devils don't dream about them I used to do them favors shop for them help unload the deck chairs put the boat on the water I was hanging around them but it didn't work And then one day the girls came up with a way to get them boating and I know the river I was happy to prepare finally be with them just in case one of them likes me
The day came we set off the three of us in the boat I rowed the girls sat across from me questioning me giggling teasing me They took off their pants pretty quickly and sat in thin T-shirts and bikinis They would always turn around so I could see their breasts through the thin T-shirt and their legs would spread out and their little panties would swell up with their beautiful pussy I've gone crazy not unnoticed getting a hard-on like I've never had in my life The girls giggled whispered saw my pain well but they irritated me even more They asked me to row for a quiet quiet part they want to swim I looked for a dead branch it was easy I wandered the neighborhood a lot We stopped and I tied the boat to a log that was leaning over The girls looked around and threw their shirts off and jumped off the boat into the water I was free to admire the beautiful breastsI thought I'd come right away I put myself through a lot of pain and it wasn't over yet They invited me to take a dip I was happy to jump in the water maybe play with them and in the meantime my dick is getting cold I wanted to play catch and splash with them but they didn't really want to play with me I was a little out of my mind and I swam away from them for a long time just to relax and think I was starting to agree with their mother they really are devils When I was tired I swam back to them and I was surprised to see them in the water holding on to the side of the boat Turns out they couldn't get in and they were really tired and angry at me for leaving them so long finally a little satisfaction I thought I help them I offer Hold on to the edge of the boat and I'll swim under them and push them in We started but without results the edge of the boat was very high used to be used as a fishing boat and a transport boat
I finally got to touch their butts their waist lean on them I was blessed for all this I felt it again it was felt but the girls were too busy trying Anyway they couldn't get in and in the end I was holding them and pushing them for the greatest joy of my life And then we decided that I would climb in and try to pull them in With the help of the tree and the good weight I got into the boat easily I started pulling one it was easy at first but then it got harder I put them under their breasts and pulled them to me and then I rolled them into the boat with one of their thighs I could finally hold them and hold them almost everywhere The second girl and I got so tangled up that after the punch she sat on my face and I was inches away from her pussy We rested and settled in the boat as usual The girls whispered in my ear thanked me for the help and then said they wanted to sunbathe and they were afraid of wet panties so they took it off They sat across from each other dropped their panties and began to sunbathe I was not within a foot of them and I admired the most beautiful and desirable parts of my life My boner had reached its old state in no time and I felt like if anyone could breathe on it I would come right away I was afraid to admire the delicately shaved beauties because I was afraid the explosion would happen and the stains in my pants would betray me at home Soon the girls started teasing me why don't I sunbathe naked don't be shy They kept saying it until I said itI can't sunbathe like this I'm sure it would bother you They were waiting for this moment and he pushed her over and took my bath pants off I was surprised by the sight of my penisit was never this big it was quite a piece


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