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They pushed the door in Their bodies were clenched they could feel the other's heat through the dress Their eager eyes looked for the bed while they did not stop kissing for a moment Their hands were entwined and the boy trembled and caressed her delicate delicate fingers You have such a sweet mouth he thought my god how sweet The most delicious chocolate the freshly baked honey is no match for it I feel like I'm kissing the morning sun why do I feel that?why? I've never been the boy's submerged brain in rampant metaphors of heightened emotion The sound of the party started coming from down there but he didn't care
Somehow they made it to the bed The boy picked up the girl who looked at him with big wet eyes He laid her gently and then ate her with his eyes Short skirt tight top covered with tight body curly brown hair pretty face She's not just pretty charming honest open Beautiful eyes: huge talkative I am a beacon of honesty And they look familiar The features the moves I've been looking for him yes I think I've been looking for him all this time
The boy came out of his clothes lay down next to the girl and held him He felt how devoted he was to her how much he wanted to be near her What was strange was that he didn't feel that this approach was really erotic he thought she must be a virgin It was a good thought He wanted her to be the first and he was determined to be very attentive and gentle He was drowning in emotion: he could not understand why he had such broad feelings for someone he had known only a few hours But you saw the same thing on her face It doesn't matter That's what he thought love at first sight
He kissed her He caressed her Her fingers felt such fine skin as Satin the finest silk He gently began to peel her out of her clothes After the top came off she leaned over the breasts with reverence and undid the bra The girl sighed The Voice drew the boy He felt that every voice every touch every scent that she had went deep into his soul She stared at the naked tight breasts and kissed them She shuddered and raised her body I love it he thought and his fingers were on her feet rolling up her skirt The stiff nipples between his lips gently sucked them and circled them with his tongue Her sighs grew deeper shivering; her fingers began to frisk in the hair of the boy whose hand slipped under the skirt He went up the smooth thighs until he reached the base He felt the edge of his underwear then smoothed the Triangle of femininity He felt a fine shaved silky texture but as before he was surprised that he could not find the signs of sexual excitement: he did not seem too wet
He was uncertain: he kissed her again and again but he himself felt that it was not the right one that they were getting cold that desire flew away while the intensity of emotion was not: the need for closeness remained the euphoria of being together His hand slipped from under the skirt the last kisses were almost there but they were tender kisses Then the girl covered her breast turned away but the boy could still see her large frightened eyes: bright silver coins warm moons burned into corneas
The boy sat out with a sigh on the side of the bed reaching for his pants on the ground looking for cigarettes in the pockets From the ground floor there was loud shouting roaring music The party's starting to kick in ' he thought absent - minded For him it looks like it's over He found the cigarette he smoked He breathed out the smoke with a deep trembling sigh and began to rub his eyes with one hand as if to wake himself from a dream
He felt her looking at him but he didn't turn around They listened their hearts beat fast in the dark After a while he felt soft hands on his back It was a cold comforting touch like a mother's palm on her feverish child's forehead The boy started but he didn't move No He just kept blowing smoke and absorbing the heavy Twilight
"I'm sorry" he muttered - I didn't mean to
- Don't worry-melodic soft voice unspeakably sweet And not least: familiar - It's all right No problem - hands caressing on his back again
- Okay - okay All right then - the boy's thinking His mind shuts down That's okay They have time Actually no it's late and everyone downstairs is drunk Yet he feels it doesn't matter: he stands at the end of a wandering road where time is no more significant than a rusty pin in the desert
- Listen-he starts then he stops for a long time Then he turns around and looks at her - I don't even know your name
And then the girl will tell you her name
Strangling paralyzing terror creeps up the boy's throat his eyes open wide She bows back glances at the astonished face and suddenly she has a terrible suspicion No this can't be happening But then the truth will fall on him and now he knows everything So is the boy Suddenly they understand how it feels to know each other from a long time ago to belong together Why they feel they've found their way home()


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