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- I told you not to turn there Now we're lost
 For God's sake Silvi we're going the right way That's what Nóri said
- Pfft Nóri - my girlfriend's as mad as a cat I've been listening to this all day and now here's the sequel
 Your precious Nora could have sent me a GPS if she was so rich she gave me a sarcastic look
 Well I'd rather have a limo driver but since he didn't send me I guess that leaves me with a map sigh "Though I doubt you can handle a simple piece of paper" I murmured under my nose but not quite quietly enough
- Fuck You Dani - he yelled and put the map in my lap I decided to stop
- You wanna drive?  I looked at him but he was staring out with his hands - I thought-I took the map
- We're closer than I thought - I started again - It's only five miles away
- And you can see your Nora again-now she wasn't quiet enough I got into the brake because the thread broke
- Are you crazy? - he began his speech after he had nearly decapitated the dashboard but I briefly drowned him I grabbed his arm and I leaned over his face
- Listen to me I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but either stop it or if you can't control yourself stay in the car I didn't drive 200 miles to fuck up my night so please control yourself
He turned his head sulking and put his hand in his arm again
"I don't know why I came with you" he said to himself I had the answer on my tongue but I changed my mind because another mention of Nori would have had unforeseen consequences The reason that Silvi came with me was my high school reunion - a former classmate Nóri He found me on an internet social networking site a few months ago and we've been talking regularly ever since Since he was my first love (of course Silvi doesn't know that that's what we should do) I welcome his suggestion that we should meet And the reunion came in handy It's a perfect cover story because Silvi has a jealous temper Silvi We've been together almost six months but we don't really see eye to eye even though I put a lot of effort into our relationship Sex is hilarious we both live out our creativity but the rest is not worth talking about Although he's 21 this year he hasn't grown up to be in a serious relationship or I'm just not good for him I don't know Anyway the way things are right now I wish I'd left without him But because of my stubborn nature I've given our relationship one last chance even though I'm thinking hard about whether it was worth it
I was right about five minutes later I saw this little access road that Nóri was talking about As I rolled closer a sign appeared from the cover of one of the trees saying "Batsk residence You come in here you're on your own”
- I told you didn't I? "I turned to Silvi smiling but he continued to look at the landscape I wavered my head and set out on a narrow tree-lined road that widened after a sharp turn and opened up a large family house As I parked a tall black-haired guy walked to the car I got out with a smile on my face
"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Bensik residence" he offered his hand
"The Honor is ours" I said - Hey Psalm - I was tapping his shoulder - How'd you manage the place?
- Man if you knew what I took for it - loud throat clearing interrupted the sentence Silvi stood sulkenly next to the car
"You've met before" I looked at Zsolt
 He only approached Silvi in passing - Hi I'm Zsolt Bencsik your host
- Simon Silvia You brought Dani home from the Mode concert didn't you?
- Yeah - yeah I'm surprised you remember so well
'I remember many things' said Silvi with a sharp look and I sighed
"Come everyone is here" said Zsolt
- In a moment we'll go-I nodded towards him When he got out of earshot I stood in front of Silvi
- Are you gonna do this all night?
- Well that depends
- From what?
- More like who
I put the keys in his hand
- Why are you giving it to me? - he looked at me
- I'm here to have a good time With or without you I don't care But I think it's time for you to trust me If you can't I won't hold you back
- You think I don't trust you? - raise your voice
 Your jealousy attacks are making me more and more convinced of that belief Anyway I don't want to talk about this right now Let me have a good night please
"You say that like I don't give you peace of mind" he said Here we go
- That's not what I said but ever since you knew what was going on tonight you've been on my ass


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