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The story began on a" normal " dating site as usual: reading each other's journals probing letters and then when the semaphore turns green communication really starts with a thousand For a while it's just a letter but then as the days go by there's trust phone exchange and text messages Since I'm in the country with my parents the meeting will take a few days but until then thanks to free apps on smartphones we can talk for long hours And then the night before the meeting the conversation that you didn't ended up having phone sex considering that according to you my voice had that effect Of course I'm not objecting I'm just surprised how soon he "finished his share"
I've been thinking for a few moments that it's really just my voice that it's been a long time since she's been with a guy or the novelty of phone sex or all of this together Anyway it doesn't matter the next day came the personal encounter I'll pick it up at the mammoth it'll bounce fast at the red light we barely have time to say hello and we'll be on our way up to the city in the Buda mountains We're talking about neutral topics as we go along and because of what happened last night we're both a little restrained but the conversation is ongoing so let's get on with it I look back and forth while driving my eyes acknowledge what I've seen before in the pictures normal physique pretty face nice hands tightened at the back of his head smooth red hair slightly deep but pleasant voice interested eyes jeans with a red blouse whose collar is folded out of his sweater flat-footed boots with a pleasant combination of sight and smell We reach our destination which is also the end of a bus and I go to the back of the parking lot next to it where there is relatively less light I take off the lights but the engine is running because of the heating because the temperature outside is about 0 degrees In rare cases or every ten minutes someone passes by the car but we don't pay much attention to this sort of thing and the windows start to get humid from the inside
The life of the other is slowly forming in front of us as we speak and listening to a negative experience with a kind but not intrusive gesture I caress her back through the dress For a moment like you're electrocuted you shut up in the middle of what you have to say and then you finish it but there's a glimmer in your eyes I will also respond verbally to what he has said expressing my regret After a moment of pause he answers but he does not reflect on it but – not in a completely inappropriate way for me without any meaningful history – there is a sentence that I think there is no man in the world who would not want to hear on a first date:
- Say Do you think you could fuck me in the car?
- Uh here - do I ask back a little stupidly as if I'd heard wrong? But no I heard you right and you've got that ear-to-ear grin on your face
For a moment in one hemisphere of my brain the little angel wakes up and says "Well it's a good upbringing it's a first date" but the little devil answers it right away calling me (I just don't understand why he's calling me"): fuck We're still adults (he's 4 years older than me) we know what we're doing And all I'm saying is I think you do By the time I know what's going on he'll be throwing his boots in front of the passenger seat jumping into the backseat and taking off his clothes at the speed of the wind I push the seats forward as fast as I can and by the time I get back she's naked as a mother As I lay down my attire in every direction I look at them: nice feet lacquered nails thin ankles shapely buttocks not too thin waist Palm-like breasts on which the nipples are now fully protruding from excitement and a tasteful landing strip on the thigh of my eye
I have no doubt that by the time I'm naked I'll be more than ready to fight just by the sight of what I want He won't hesitate to drag me down and as we kiss he grabs my dick with one hand and gently caresses his labia()


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