Cum Pig

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I have fulfilled the wishes of my Lord and Master I beseech You Lord hear the account of your little virgin whore
By forgetting to work I was frightened to discover that I had less than an hour left before the deadline which is to bang my ass in the work toilet and give you a number My Dear Sir I approached the bathroom in terror of your anger thinking I must do everything in my power to please my Lord There was a commotion in the bathroom and the ladies of the staff came and went and my deepest fear seemed to be confirmed that all the toilets were occupied My stomach flinched as I thought I was running out of time and my disobedience would result in punishment I waited my turn impatientlyand the minutes which were usually slow seemed to run I could almost see the whip coming down on me for disobeying him Fortunately I was soon able to take possession of one of the toilets where I was finally able to fulfill my Lord's wishes I wanted to get rid of my clothes as soon as possible The fabric pants and panties are off and I'm wearing a blouse and shoes I was standing there with a naked bitch I touched my big round ass against the ice-cold wall I had a thrill run through me I pulled away from the wall and put one foot on the toilet and bent slightly forward to reach the hole in my ass I found out about the hidden corners of my cunt but I didn't care about them All I could think about was that I had to do my Lord's bidding and fuck my ass I put my hand between my legs and wet my ass all over the hole in my ass I lubricated my fingers with a mixture of saliva and cunt fluids so I could carefully stick a finger up my ass first There would have been a loud moan but at the last moment it occurred to me that I was not alone and that no one should know what my Master had entrusted me with I was banging a finger on my ass and pulling it out Once again salivating two fingers I slowly entered my hole I was in pain()


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