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- Dad You didn't have to say your engagement like that - I raised my voice - You could have at least written it
- Well it all happened so fast You were in college it would have been awkward in a letter I hope you understand Jun Wen is wonderful - my father explained We were driving home from the airport At the end of my semester I came home for a break My father told me the shocking news almost casually My parents divorced a decade ago and since I was 13 my father and I have been alone I thought you'd never get married
- Talk about my future stepmother? - I told you - I don't know anything about him
My dad smiled at me - I'm glad you accept our decision
I didn't really like it but my dad's still young
- Jun Wen invited us for the weekend They have a nice little beach house on the edge of a forest
- This one? It's my birthday on Sunday Papa - I'm interrupting
- I remember You'll meet your new family on your birthday You'll meet Jun Ven Bao King and Eve
- Who are they? - I did
- Future stepbrothers - he answered
- Girls? It's weird It's all happening too suddenly Anyway I'd like to know more about them - I took a deep breath I wanted to celebrate with some friends Now I get to spend the weekend with strangers
- You'll see you'll sharpen it You can sunbathe swim in the sea Rest for the rest of the year The girls are pretty very pretty
I tried to understand my father's decision and accept the new situation - Oh yeah? What do I need to know about them?
- Well Bao King is older She's turning 25 now It's very fashionable always reading like you bragging stroking my hair  She's calm she's beautiful and she's always polite Eva the younger one only 19 He's the opposite of his sister in everything Full of energy likes to fool around always smiling I'm sure you get along with them - He laughs kindly - You're young don't look so down Have fun
I'll live I have books I just read all day - Any more surprises? - I did
- Well - he giggled - he's at the resort nudist colony and the whole family will be naked
- yeah What? -
It's Friday Ever since I got home I've been nervous I was scared I tried to postpone the trip but I couldn't I was afraid I'd be seen as hideous between Superman and cover girls What if I stare hard at the girls? What do you think you're being chased by angry fathers and friends with pitchforks?
And yet it turned me on My groin tingled when I imagined naked girls But What About Eve and Bao King? It's gonna be a hell of a pain ' cause the thought of naked girls makes me want to fit in my pants
Think positive Matthew You're a fool to miss the comfortable staring of naked girls I grabbed my sunglasses off the table and threw them in my backpack I can hide my eyes with this
My father barely talked about his fiancée and the girls All I know is Jun Wen is Chinese the girls are half English half Chinese
- They'll tell you the rest - The girls have met my father I was hoping you told them of my existence - Ready To Go Matthew? - he called up the stairs
- We're good to go - I told you I grabbed my bag When I got in with him I prayed in silence that this weekend would go without a hitch
After a two-hour pleasant journey we arrived at the wooded coastline I learned a little more about the family on the way Jun Wen is 47 years old married without Love lived near London for years great cook It was heavenly music to my earsI've been in the cafeteria for a year
Bao King is studying for a PhD in ancient languages Well that's good news I'm dealing with the classic era and I still have Herodotus I hope that's a good point because ancient Greek history is my favorite
Eva had just finished pre-school and she didn't decide what technical major she was going to take It's gonna be ridiculous if you want to talk to me about Matt I didn't dare ask my father about their looks
When we arrived in Kutná Hora resort area I was admiring the scenery We were on wooded hills we saw some deer The beach seemed like the usual resort You know summer homes summer homes Young and old; skinny and fat in short normal people sunbathed or bathed Most of them naked but some wore shorts
I was starting to relax
We turned into a gravel access road stopped
- We're here - my father told me - Help me get the bags Don't worry boy You'll get used to it
- Thanks Dad - I was hoping you were right I picked up the bags and followed them to the House
- Hi - hi Jun Wen where are you? - my father asked at the door
- David - I heard a lovely woman's voice in the kitchenI could smell the sweet smell of coconuts - Is Matt here? - he asked with an English accent


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