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He was a little embarrassed to even think that he was gonna hear the intercom ring and he was gonna be standing here or a man ??) beforeThey've known each other for a long time and from the very first moment they've been drawn to each other by some strange strange attraction Flirtation friendship what's that-you couldn't even say it At first he thought he had fallen in love with the man and then he realized he would never choose a man like him as his partner but he was attracted to his instincts As much as he could sense his moods and thoughts Maybe it was driven by this thingThey used to go to work the same way in the morning honk and flash but there were times when they'd pick each other up They met on weekends on empty nights They lived together in love friendships losing them crippling pain There was something tingly between them but they both had partners and none of them would take on the other They used to talk about almost everything and then they knew everything about each otherit changed something in the last few years The physical distance is Lord The old" Oh now there's a good song on the radio listen "phones have been canceled sometimes there's a text a joke maybe" I miss you""when you come in"And then you didn't know when or what made it a little different and he started courting me He knew the man too well he was like a brother who knew all the bad things about him but he still loves and forgives these things because when there are two of them he changes But he couldn't believe her Or maybe he just didn't take it seriously If she was there they'd go out to lunch or stop by his place of work The man tried to refer to his Purpose at this time Now you could lean in front of me with your nice cleavage or try this thing on but there's no dressing room She waved You're an idiot and he took care of it He really didn't think much of it However the man's intuition touched him as he felt the woman's voice or attitude toward his state of mindOne day he called her and told her he wrote her a letter read it answer it go on He didn't understand what he meant Then the letter came When I opened it and read it he was very surprised It was an erotic story describing sex Very impressive in addition when he read it he felt his pulse accelerated What what do you want??? Should I write an answer? Shall I continue??? That's how it started One of them wrote down his dream or his imagination and the other one Secret desires were also described tested to see what the other would say??? Stupid idea? Or do you like it? What did it do turn you on? Or is it repulsive??? No it wasn't interesting When you read a book you don't know who's behind it but here it's different But now he'll be here any minute and she's a little excited What's it gonna be like to see each other again??? They enriched each other with so many intimate details in their correspondence almost undressed each other physically and spirituallyWhat are we gonna say or what??? That's when the intercom rang In a few moments the man was standing at the door "Hello dear how are you??"he asked laughing at her She felt that nothing had changed maybe she saw him as bigger more human But they picked up where they left off their last conversation they talked about work family mutual acquaintances drinking coffee everything as usual Of course sooner or later it was all about the letters"I liked your stories - sometimes you turned me on It's a shame you weren't there for me when I read it " said the man and I was close And once again he felt like he felt a community with his soul He did not know how this very attractive and very repulsive man embraced him kissed him his mouth slowly turned to the base of his neck and felt his hands on his breastsNone of them had the guts to speak even though they had something to say The blouse the skirt the man's suit they were standing there naked caressing each other They touched each other in fear met with cautious movements tried to make their dreams come true He turned her away kissing her shoulders her neck and when she turned her back he stroked her spine kissed her neck and touched her breast forward She could feel her throat dry out even if she wanted to she couldn't say anything He wanted to kiss the man but it wouldn't let him turn around he was caught up in the sight of her skin the Goosebumps of her skin the bend of her spine the deep breaths a thousand little signs that he was on the right track Then a little embarrassed he slipped into her clumsy They started to move pretty slowly and then when they got through the first disturbance they split up put her on the bed kissed her tits and she fell in againThey were hugging each other more and more and she was stunned by what he was doing and she was surprised to enjoy it and not embarrassed "I want to see you "he breathed" it's good to see you Caress yourself please" and I did The woman first stroked her breast with confusion and then her hand fell on him again It was very hot Is it the forbidden fruit that flogged them so much? Or because of the desires and secrets in the letters but they knew each other each other's desires and tried to make them real He tried to get her to talk but she was embarrassed Then he took her hand and pushed it towards her pubic region: "stroke yourself to make it better I want to see how you do it for yourself"And she reached down and started caressing herself slowly He was so embarrassed he'd never done it in front of anyone But he felt the situation excite him as he caressed himself sometimes his hand reaches the man's penis he can touch it he can feel his vagina and the tool playing in it It was incredibly hot Her hand slipped through her wet labia her finger was inserted into her vagina and then she squeezed him Then he slid up on the wet of his senses and touched his clitoris It felt really good He started caressing her faster and faster He could feel his hips moving faster his chest raised a little looking at him admiring them as they hit each other more ferociously Half delirious she heard him whisper it to her " so that's how you do it I'd like to hear you enjoy it"Then the woman's movement slowed down" from her slit throat of pleasure and felt the man's whole body gently shaking He held her caressed her kissed herAs they rested side by side her fingers slipped between her legs stroking her still damp modesty and reaching further and further into the vagina She felt the man's appetite for hardening and gently caressed the sensitive skin In the end they were waiting to be together again "Sit on me please" whispered the man As a young girl she often had multiple orgasms in a row but not for many years He did not wish to disappoint the man and desired him and encouraged him so kindly that he took control in the end sat up on the man's hips fitting it gently to his opening his new prying eager acquaintance and sliding it into himself He shuddered when he felt the body of a manAt first she slowly enjoyed her vagina scanning the man inside her millimetre by millimetre Clenched his muscles were slowly pampered but in doing so he whipped himself up so much that it was not too much to surprise him and he was again shaken by that wonderful overwhelming feeling It was torn out in sound form like never beforeThey caressed each other for a long time indulging each other with words when the man laughed and asked "Will you write again?"and he kissed her


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