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I was inspired by the Gerbera story but it made me feel too callous and not believable I mean aside from the beginning I almost completely rewrote it That doesn't mean it's not Gerbera's storyit's just a little life Let's all decide how it went Behold:
I'm a 16-year-old girl I was in class camp and I broke my two wrists so I had to go home My mom was working and my dad stayed home with me so he could help me with everything
She fed me she dressed me and then it was time for her first bath Mom wasn't home yet there were two of us in the whole apartment I asked him to help me clean me up He was a little reluctant but I insisted everything was gonna be okay He undressed me hesitated when he pulled off his underwear but I encouraged him to take it easy I was standing there naked We put a bag on each of my hands so they wouldn't get wet I got in the tub and he doused my body with some water Then he soaps his hands and starts washing me It was a little uncomfortable that he had to stretch so much to reach out I urged him to take off his clothes and climb in with me so that the wash would be of no use He was very timid but a little shaky he got undressed It was a very bizarre situation We were standing there and I was a little scared and I knew we weren't supposed to do that But I couldn't use my hands so I didn't mind He's starting to soap me up
He started with my face rubbed it gently and then washed the foam off my face He soaked every part of my body thoroughly and then he sobbed his hands again and began to stroke my neck Her eyes avoided mine she didn't even look me in the face His hands were moving through my shoulders to my breasts He caressed them gently He rubbed my nipples which were bulging with a little cold water and excitement He kept going and he washed my stomach and I felt a severe arrow in my stomach I had a burning desire to go down And he seemed to be waiting for an instruction in his mind he went down But he didn't go to the desired place turned me over washed my butt then turned me back and stroked my thighs He was kneeling in front of me slowly looking up at me straight into my eyes confused I could see that he was uncomfortable with the situation He was trying really hard to cover something up and when I saw what it was I realized why he was so blushing I wanted him to stand up and cut me hard with that prickly phallus but I didn't know what to say It's now or never; I've made myself strong
- I want you to please me I really do - I let him down
His hand slipped up and spread out my labia He started caressing me right by my clitoris My hips started to move back and forth I no longer looked into his eyes they were closed and my mouth was filled with little groans Her finger slipped and breathed a weak kiss on my pussy He began to lick me with his fingers in and out It felt fantastic I got wet right away The perversion of the situation was lust Her insecurities the fact that I initiated it I won and now I'm in control it was crazy beautiful For the first time in my life I dominated him yes now I did that's what I felt He was pulling it faster and faster I was wheezing more and more I felt some kind of tingling and then I came along with a Twitch For a few more seconds he was slowly fingering while his tongue gently caressed the hot soft skin until the aftershocks calmed down He stood up and kissed me He pulled me in and I could feel his big dick pressed against my pussy That's when I opened my eyes again I looked down His dick was all over my body I felt its hardness I wanted to hold him but I couldn't So I got down on my knees and I got in my mouth I closed my eyes and enjoyed my father's cock filling my mouth as his acorn stretched deep down my throat I thought about itI used to spray it through it I wanted to feel it to feel it so it would spray me hot Either way I wanted to
My head was moving back and forth squatting down my throat I heard her low-key whine up and down I looked up and saw him staring at me I looked deep into his eyes and I just kept sucking him He breathed and returned my gaze and did not blink nor did I Like animals we had a power struggle He has the power to break away from me and I have the power to completely absorb it We didn't break the link The energy cancer was dancing through our eyes And I just kept sucking it I sucked harder and harder I had to win He just told me to stop or he'd come His legs fell his eyes turned his breath was loud With intoxicating evil I smiled and snapped my tongue - Keep going - I breathed He looked at me and slowly laid me down in the tub opened my legs and placed them on the sides of the tub()


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