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- Come here girl - I'm gonna stop and stare at the floor
 Honey I'm not gonna be home till lateI have a business meeting The kitchen should be fine pack your bag study and go to bed on time Is that clear?
Those gray eyes they make fun of me but I still see them as beautiful
- I'm mumbling - But it's the weekend
He's like an uncle and I don't have anyone else He always calls me that condescending and arrogant or at least that's what I always feel about him That I'm inferior and not good enough Nothing
 You have to do your laundry tomorrow so you have to get up early - he's grinning at me his eyes are blinding Oh I hate him at a time like this
 Oh and don't forget you have to wash my car so why go to a car wash if you're so good at it
- Important meeting - I'm freaking out  Another night with the Bible with one or two holy men as usual
- Come here girl
I don't move I get a little shaky I see the poison in the eye I take two steps towards Bred
- Clean my shoes And don't talk back to me
"But your shoes are clean" said flegman For the first time I dare to contradict him and he looks surprised wondering how cool I am We're only eight years apart I'm 18 she's 26
"True" he looks at his feet he knows I'm right for he tore the price tag off the footwear not long ago
 I'm used to you staying out of it but at least you're not too busy with me I'm happy to be alone - My hair is flying as I turn my head angrily the lamp light makes my hair look like honey Bred's head is turning red so I think it's best if you hurry up to my room I curl up on the bed chew on my fist - bad habit it always comes out when I'm stressed
My guardian doesn't love me because he's old-fashioned and a reformed priest She just can't accept that I'm acting like a modern-day girl At least I think I am Sometimes he looks so strangely and you can't have two normal words with him He's always talking about sinning and thinking I'm too free-thinking
I've been laying low and putting up with itmy parents disappeared when I was little in Nepal I've been in foster care for a few years In fact my guardian and I don't even have a blood relation a second-marriage not a direct relative
He loves me in his own way I know everything worked out fine until I told him a good six months ago that I was interested in physical and boys Ever since then my life has been hell and Bred has crossed me where he can ignoring me He takes care of me but he gets all emotional and he's suspicious when it comes to a guy I know He's conceited because everyone in the church loves him he's popular he's young and he's successful Nature treated him kindly tall slender riding a bike running and running He's the hit man and I'm the screw-up
Oh finally
I hear the front door slam trying to take a deep breath to get rid of the tension Time flies I take a bite after a shower I turn over my favorite newspaper he shows me bodybuilders of course I'd rather just watch the boys admire their enormous muscles and that wall in their underwear you can see everything Then I get this urge this perverted urge that sometimes just gets me
Yes I do
I'm going into Bred's room I love the smell of the room I breathe it deep I just take a look around I like simple furniture the bed the desk the two chairs even the curtains because that's what his hand used to touch I notice on the chair one of the white shirts you were wearing today I take it with me I hold it to my face if you knew what I was doing you would surely beat me to death…
I have to take off my shirt my white thong is sled on the dance floor The fluffy carpet tickles my feet I look at Bred's bed goose bumps I get wet I always get started at the beginning of my game I roll the shirt down to a thick sausage touch it to my butt pull it on it Ah I get all excited and then I go through the stuff between my legs graze me pleasantly between my lips it feels divine I'm pulling it up and down it's so goodI'm really enjoying it
I lie down on the bed I go on there I inhale the smell of Bred on the sheets I squeeze his pillow and I imagine he loves me I mean her black hair her wavy hair her mysterious gray eyes I imagine she's stroking me with it then her body her broad shoulders her skin jajAz I put a shirt between my thighs I caress myself my hand on my chest slowly round and round My nipples are like half a cherry I love it when they're so hard My mouth will open but for once in my life I can taste his kiss what I wouldn't give for it
I gently stroke between my legs twice three times make myself wait slip back on my chest thinking Bred was lying next to me()


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