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By the time I got home it was 4: 00 in the afternoon Could all this have happened in two hours that I fucked Dan and he fucked me while I was fucking his wife? Did all this even happen?
I shook my head to get my mind right How is it possible that a reasonably average 18-year-old boy going to college with a fairly average sex life suddenly has sexual relations with his girlfriend's father and then with the help of the man with his mother? How did this happen?
I needed time to make things right Fortunately our house was empty – I don't know where the family went but I was happy to be alone I picked up a beer I went out on the back porch pulled the chair into a sunny spot and I fell in
Still excited it was hard to think straight One minute I was thinking about what a bad thing I did betraying and cheating Jenny in the lowest possible way but then the guilt went away and the juicy details of our afternoon together came to mind I remember Dan's tight butt crack on my dick and then the feeling when he got inside me The taste and smell of Tina's dripping pussy Memories made my dick hard again when I got a text
Click on this link he wrote
I didn't want to but of course I did
When the page opened I saw a picture of the webcam in the summer house Dan and Tina were fucking on the mattress on the floor the place where I fucked Dan's ass a few hours ago The man was out of the picture and even though I couldn't hear anything I knew Tina was purring like a cat trying to bagzani
These people are insatiable I thought but my dick was stiff as a board
I looked up Our yard is surrounded by a thick hedgethe neighbors can't see me I put the phone on the chair's armrest so I could see it better Tina was hugging her husband with her arms and legs and he was all over her
I pulled down my striped pants and I started jerking off As I stared at them Dan turned sideways so I could see his dick move in Tina's pussy They both looked into the camera-hoping or maybe they knew that I was watching them
I just shot him Not much because I've come there a few times today I fell into the chair which made the phone fall to the floor while still showing me the webcam I picked it up and turned it off without looking at the screen
Wow that was something said a voice behind my back
I turned around surprised My best friend Gil was standing in the open door
Fuck did I tell you how you got here?
I came to pick you up he answered Remember we're going to Ben's in barbeque
I totally forgot I told you How long have you been here?
 Your car was in front of the house but I knocked and you didn't answer I thought you fell asleep The door was open I came in to wake you up but I couldn't find you in your room
- How long have you been watching me?
 From the moment you pulled your pants down You hit him hard man
- Did you enjoy the view?
He didn't answer right away
It was hot he said
That's when I noticed the boner in his pants I don't know what happened but I told you to come with me
He hesitated a little then took a few steps and stopped a step in front of me
Stand here I said pointing to the point in front of my feet
He hesitated again but then he stood where I showed him
Before he could react I pulled the shorts off him He wasn't wearing underwear his semi-stiff dick popped right in front of my face
Gil still hasn't moved I looked up to him and even though he didn't say anything I saw on his face that he wasn't gonna stop me from doing anything to him
Since we're best friends I've seen his dick before Especially at the gym changing clothes but never this close It was shorter but thicker than mine surrounded by a blond bush He had big loose balls with little hair
I put out my hand and put them both in my hand Gil moaned softly and as I massaged the balls he became more relaxed After a minute I grabbed his dick which was completely stiff as if he was aiming it right between my eyes
Gil moaned as I grabbed him and for a while I thought he was gonna pull him back Before he could move I stuck my tongue out and licked his acorn He groaned again and I knew he wasn't going anywhere I looked up to him again and in his eyes I saw the unmistakable desire to keep doing it
I leaned forward and put my tongue on his ACORN which was now rock hard I've never done this before but when I experienced Dan's blow job I knew exactly what I had to do
I opened my mouth and slipped a few inches of his dick I pulled it out and took it again a little deeper now I felt something salty on my tongue and it took me a while to realize it was Gil's primate()


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