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- Oh shit- I yelled and I threw one of my T-shirts out of my closet on my bed- I'm not gonna wear this either
I've been preparing for a concert for weeks I used to choose what to wear for a long time because I fell in love with the lead guitarist singer I was a virgin but I would have given it to her When I finally found the right clothes (a yellow deep-cut T-shirt white tube tops and gold sandals) I went to take a quick shower Then I got dressed put on a little make-up and I was on my way It wasn't far from us so I got there in a few minutes When I went in they knew me and they let me in because I'm in the band And they started playing and I went to the front of the stage and I danced all the way through They picked great songs they did almost all of my favorites At the end of the concert I had to go to the singer even though I had no idea what I was gonna say to him I kept coming towards him and he was standing back to me so he couldn't see me When I touched his shoulder he turned around and looked at me He'd known me since I was in kindergarten but he hadn't seen me in years so he didn't recognize me for the first time but then his face brightened up
- Hey baby is that you? I didn't recognize you- he said he was a little tipsy as usual and he was staring straight at my cleavage Yeah well he's a typical man but I'm very excited
- Yes it's me- I smiled and I bent over a little bit to make my boobs look even better which he was still looking at I could tell he loved it so I smiled flirtatiously- You guys were really good on stage- I kept talking
- Thank you- he smiled- You were very sexy- we both smiled
- I'm gonna go to my deskI'll see you later bye- I said Good-bye and walked away with shaky legs He was super cute though he could be my dad But for some reason I had this weird feeling that someone was following me I watched It was him and he was definitely coming after me I stopped he stood in front of me
- I forgot to tell you something- he said and he pushed me against the wall by my shoulders- You're fucking sexy- he leaned over me with his whole body grabbed the back of my neck and pressed it against his chest Suddenly the world ceased to exist for me and I heard the heartbeat of his heart and I felt the gentle scent of his skin and his breath I've never been this close to a man physically or emotionally I closed my eyes focused on her enjoyed every moment I had with her Minutes later we split up and looked each other in the eye She smiled at me more than once and I looked at her with surprise I was shocked but I wasn't scared I knew he wouldn't hurt me or hurt me in any way since he'd known me for years I had no idea what to do but one thing's for sure: I wanted him terribly I didn't know what to say He slowly bent his face closer to mine I was sure he wanted to kiss me I was a little discouraged because I'd never kissed a girl before and I didn't know what I was supposed to do and how clumsy or disappointing I'd be I knew I was seconds away from critical We looked deeply into each other's eyes his light brown eyes were beautiful His eyes smiled and then he closed them including me After a fraction of a second I felt her hot lips on mine it was divine unforgettable He noticed my inexperience so slowly his mouth began to play with my lower lip while he pressed my hands against the wall I felt helpless which I really liked and I kissed him back encouraged Then I felt his groin touch my groin and he moved it slowly Mouth was still playing with mine He held my hands together with one hand over my head and with his free hand began to caress my breasts It was so good After a while our lips parted and I looked at her with gratitude I couldn't talk I was completely surprised I saw him reaching for his pants and then I noticed that his tools had been fully erect and of course under his pants I was so excited that my breathing was everything but regular I was sure that if I spoke my voice would shake and be thin Instead he spoke:
- Come with me- he saidand he came to the street in his arms As I walked out the door I was struck by the cold autumn wind and I hugged him and he hugged me even tighter We were on our way to the band Van There from the pocket of his jeans he quickly fished out the car keys and opened the trunk of the car Inside there were two guitars laid out in a case He entered the dark cargo hold and holding my hand gently drew after him I followed him and then he turned to me and slowly kissed me again Hot and sensual


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