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My mother's secretary is a very pretty pretty girl and of course she's quite young We do a lot of fooling around together
I wanted to talk to my mom once but she wasn't there So I asked him what was wrong with him She put her head on my shoulder and told me that her boyfriend was cheating on her and that's why they broke up
While he was talking I was stroking his back He asked me what to do I told him to start a new life and forget about it Then he lifted his head off my shoulder and kissed me He got up locked the door and we started making out While we were making out I was stroking her tits We'd been making out for a long time when I pulled the straps off her top and pulled the dress over her head and turned off her bra Then he stood up and took off his skirt and came up to me and said " Let's hurry up my mother's coming in an hour"
I pulled her up to me and kissed her while I reached into her pants Her pussy was all wet I pulled her panties off and she came out with a very erotic gesture He was standing in front of me completely naked and I tried to slide my hand between his legs but he wouldn't let me do it so he just touched my pants and freed my dick


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