Worshiping a Florida beach young dude

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It was a hot summer heat all over the country Dia went down to Lake Balaton beach with her best friend her boyfriend to get through the heat He got there around 11: 00 am and the two guys went straight for one of the catering units and had a couple of beers while the two girls went out to sunbathe
- Would you like to come in the water with me? - Tom looked at Dia a friend of her friend's husband
- I don't know - the sun was shining right in his eyes as he looked at him so he had to squint
"Don't be so hasty" she said looking at her beautiful thin long thighs firm flat belly and round shapely breasts It's been a long time since you've seen a woman's body so desirous and you're quivering at the thought of what if but DIA has a boyfriend who couldn't go with them because of her job
- What the hell? - he had a faint smile on his face - I'm going in
'Good' he gave her a hand and helped her up ' said he to his friend picking up the air mattress and they left
- The water must be cold
- It's supposed to be quite good-he let the girl go up the stairs who stopped at the bottom of the stairs for a moment and put her foot in it-what is it?
'It looks cold' he looked back grinning over his shoulder
 It's just the first minute and then you get used to it
- I hope so because if you don't then I'm coming out -continue to start small steps done in the water while waist-deep I don't understand him
"It's quite pleasant" said Tom immersed himself in the water and walked beside Dia and spewed the unsuspecting girl all of a sudden
- Hold on - he was in the water all of a sudden but there was nothing he could do
- Well? - he looked at her with a big smile
- I'll take your mattress-and he's already got it out of his hand He laid down on the side and he fell on it-it's mine now
- Let it be-he's still laughing-I can do without it Are we going in?
- They're moving in The water was full of bathers who all enjoyed the opportunity of being warm and swimming in the water
- Tell me about yourself
- Tell you what?
- Like why you're so grumpy all day?
- Do I look like one?
- Yes it does
- It's my friend We've been together three years At first he had time for me but now he's ignoring me He works day and night Every day of the week from morning to night And when he finally gets home he doesn't care about me he eats drinks and then sleeps because he's tired And I can understand that but days like today could really be spent with me but it doesn't That's it I don't want to bore you with this
- You're not boring me - the girl's beautiful tight ass was floating right on the water and she couldn't take her eyes off it He desired her and he felt that he might have a chance because he was defiant to his friend who worked rather than be with him and I listen to other people's problems every day and I try to solve them
- But it's your day offenjoy it
- Pleasure to hear you- a charming smile appeared on her face her eyes met for a moment with the girl whose eyes lit up making the boy feel that he had caught her - how far shall we go?
- As long as you want "The mattress will take me to the other side" he smiled " do you swim well?
"Yes but I don't want to go beyond the Beacon" he laughed
- Okay fine We can go until then and then back
'I understood Mother Superior' they both laughed and Tom felt that this was the moment when he could approach the girl gently touching her waist and gently pushing it ' I'll help you to keep your feet from getting tired
- Thank you - the water's only up to his chest - I like caring
-I'll do what I can - gently turn the mattress to the Left-let's not go to the pile let's go to the edge of the beach and back It'll take longer and I'll enjoy your company longer
"Yes" he smiled " You must want to hear me whine
"Yes I like your whining" he laughed and then gently sprinkled water on her back " you have to be careful not to burn down
- You're thoughtful
"I am trying" he gently pressed her back making sure she was wet everywhere but it was not enough His eyes again fixed on his ass and he could not resist and his hands slowly and firmly lowered until he reached his waist and he watched her face and then went on until his hands were filled with her shapely ass Dia didn't flinch Tom didn't know if she'd noticed or not Or he does and he lets me but he's not worried about it He gently grabbed her behind and began to caress her as he pushed her slowly forward His cock is stiff with excitement Every part of him wished for the girl who lay on the mattress and looked forward evidently his thoughts were elsewhere Tom's hand then moved on caressed her gently and wandered between her legs There weren't many around so he didn't bother With his fingers he gently felt her pussy()


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