White bull destroys black boy hole

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You wouldn't believe what happened to me the other day You have to know that I'm a 20-year-old boy and I've been in a happy relationship for two years Actually the day before yesterday I was going to see my girlfriend who doesn't live very far from me
That day we were supposed to make love and have some kind of surprise I was thinking about that surprise the whole way over there I couldn't imagine what it was
When I walked in on them I found two of his friends laughing at something I was a little discouraged by the sight of her friends because it was just supposed to be the two of us I've seen them together so many times and it's part of the thing that sometimes they've moved my imagination
The two girlfriends (Bea and Angi (21-21)) are quite similar They both have beautiful breasts and a nice ass My friend is a little separate from them as far as the physique is concerned Zsofi (my girlfriend (22)) has bigger tits and a bigger though shapely ass than her friends I never liked too skinny girls I like a girl with something to catch It doesn't mean he was fat it just means he was more shapely more feminine So as I was saying I walked in the door
Zsofi gave me a big kiss on the lips as usual and then moved me from his room to the main room and said he'd let me know when I could come in I didn't think much of itI thought you wanted to send the girls home I turned on the TV and about ten minutes later she yelled out from her room that I could go It was starting to look suspicious I could still hear the girls
- Whatever - I thought to myself
I walked into his room and the sight of him made me think I was gonna have a heart attack There were three beautiful women in front of me wrapped in a single sheet I couldn't spit or swallow Anyone who's done this before knows what I'm talking about Zsofi spoke first and with a sullen smile on his face asked me if I liked his surprise I was still ecstatic and all I could do was nod - Then we'll show you something else he said and then they let go of the corners of the sheets at once That's when I really had a heart attack All three of them were naked and they were coming towards me They knocked me down on the bed and started ripping my clothes off That's when I started to feel a little relieved I kissed Zsófi and whispered in his ear that you were a real goddess At this point I wasn't wearing any clothes My dear friend at the sound of my sentence she looked at me with a lascivious smile and slowly bent down and kissed my acorn and began to suck it


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