Something very special happened to me today I was sitting in a work conversation with someone talking business and he just lifted up his arms and started stretching His pulovere was lifted up and for a few moments he could see a part of his naked upper body I thought this man was very attractive even before but after seeing barnara fried wine I felt that my Verker shirt was speeding up and my osi NOI divons took the iraanitas from my brain I got out of my chair I went to him I bent over him I put my donkey on the pitch pulover and I started to chocolate him where his nightshade ended For a very short time I could not decide which road to follow both going up or down with hot wet chocolates - gave me a lot of excitement Finally I started moving up slowly and I didn't miss a centimeter I was slowly finishing the whole torso I knew it was soft my sisters erintesmake him hotter and hotter I spent a lot of time tending to your neck and chest I listened to an accelerated heartbeat and a loud voice My age raised her arms thawed atoles just like a child did with oleli's favorite doll I went down with my chocolates until I came back from where I started
I unbuttoned the nightshade and freed them from their manhood to prove their worth It was tough and very inviting I felt the glove I have to try It was delicious and he made it more exciting that I knew his owner was looking at me I was very clear about how great she was my head moved up and down and my long and broad hair covered up a lot of things and gave me room for sexual intercourse
That's when I felt her hand caressing my hair this one split me into giving him more of my Sam
At the same time I wanted the tension to escalate further so I slowly raised my head and stood up I started playing with my hair and chocolate on the face
He slipped my hand under my skirt and of course discovered I wasn't wearing any panties While he was stroking my lukteto pussy in the simara Shaver the head drilled between my breasts and whispered into it:
- You're freaking me out
- You turn me on you wet me I want to give and take explore and warm you up in the most sublime ways - I answered I went on as surprised as I was myself  I don't want to wait any longerI want to be yours Let's go get it right now I want to make love to you
- I wish we could but I have an early meeting I can't cancel - your face seemed very disappointed
- You'll be back by then I promise - I put away my irresistible smile but I wasn't sure if they were going to admit it
But he confessed He agreed It is not doubtful that in those moments only our austons could control us
I'm not surprised I couldn't drive because of the excitement so I asked for him Actually I wasn't qualified for anything at the time My heart was beating very fast my whole body was throbbing and shaking I felt that well-known strange feeling in my stomach and it was as if there were more of the drummers playing in my head making a noise like that
We were in the car and the sheer force of having to discipline ourselves the tension was almost unbearable
I was trying to resolve this situation and I smiled at him I opened my legs pulled up my rovid skirt so that the Lace would be the end of my stockings I slipped my hand in between my coms and began to caress them with my long red soot
- It's kinzas - he said with a big smile
- I fucked her with my eyes
- I will - he winked at me His eyes were full of fun promises and confidence
A few minutes later when we were very close to my apartment he stroked my face and asked me:
- How do you feel?
- I was great with a chabito smile And I continued with what I myself only understood in the moment that I was about to become a real ferfie
We definitely fixed the Academy Olympic record from the parking lot to my apartment
I opened the door and at that moment his arms were already around my body and he held me close to him He kissed me and licked my neck with an ecstasy that flew at the speed of half my first orgasm We were both in a hurry to breatheand we could only hear the door slam with a dull thump
His hands from my waist slipped on my very tight breasts causing traffic jams trying to catch them as he breathed in my hair I closed my eyes and I was just having a moment It was incredible She was everything I loved about a man He's weak weak and very limited


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