(VietSub) The Black Panda Parody – Park 1


I've been trying to figure out what to say to Zsofi all morning I knew what I wanted I'm the one who never answered my text I was hoping Zsofi would help It sucks when your only chance remains your greatest enemy I didn't know what to think of yet My mind was spinning but I couldn't think of anything I need something that makes sense that Ákos believes Then I finally got an idea I love taking picturesI did a lot of competitions during school and I won most of them Although I haven't had time to live my passion in the last few weeks because I have a lot of other things to do I love to walk nature capture strange moments Maybe photography is the only thing I enjoy as much as a good fuck Sex orgasm is the most fantastic feeling in the whole world I'm sure that's why I'm addicted to it and I'm addicted to it Photography also feels really good It sets me free it shuts me down the troubles around me go away and all that's left is the moment Just like sex It's funny how they look alike Of course maybe I'm the only one who sees it that way
For lunch I had a sandwich with cocoa and I went to the top Lake Park That's where Jofi and I agreed to meet It's relatively quiet and secluded It's full of life in the summer but there's only a few of them Runners dog walkers bikers and a couple of romantic young people The park is beautiful It's on the edge of town with a lake in the middle which isn't very big but it's beautiful He's got willow trees hanging in his water and in the background there's this big hill I used to love climbing when I was a kid The whole park was covered in trees and trails but it was organized With a yellow square stone there's a path with benches along it and it's a little bit like a maze It is said that the length of the whole path all smaller even larger roads is 46 km long It is worth going all the way because every section contains an unmissable sight
I got a real cold reception out there The sky was overcast and it seemed to fall at any moment The park is a kilometer from our apartment a 15-minute walk away By the time I got there my brain wouldn't shut down for a second He was dating thousands of people and he was working on a credible story Zsofi was waiting on the front bench He was standing next to her fiddling with her phone I could tell he didn't want to see me but he came which gave me hope We weren't friendsI got right to the point I told him about Ákos what happened and that he was the only one who could help My plan is that I was actually with her Friday night not on a date I just made that up because everyone knows how much we hate each other and we didn't want them to know we were together And why were we together? Because he needed my help He wanted to take some pictures of himself for a modeling agency application because he wanted to be a model but he didn't have a good picture and the people he told didn't know how to make good ones and the pros asked for too much money But I work for free and he thought I owed him that and I didn't want to but he convinced me and I helped him We worked all night on these photos to make the best we could That's because he didn't want his parents to know what he was up to And they always go to bed early and they sleep so soundly that you can make pictures undisturbed Zsofi listened to the story in amazement but he agreed I asked him to find Ákos and talk to him tell him it's a secret he can't talk about it and that he's only telling him because he doesn't want me to have any trouble After we talked about this we went our separate ways We didn't bring up the real events of Friday night We knew it would be unnecessary It happened and it can't be changed I haven't touched the money since I don't know what to do with itI don't want to spend it on stupid stuff maybe it's best if I save it for the trip to England I can afford that
On my way home I went to the store to pick up a few things for my mom and then I fell in my bed and waited He promised to text her right after he got home I was hoping you'd believe me The waiting is killing me It was nerve-racking and time didn't pass I watched the clock every second I never left the chat room I was waiting for him to perform ' cause that's when I knew he was gonna get that girl's message and then he'd believe me I know I'm lying I know this could be a problem but I can't tell you the truth He can never know It sucks to lie to someone I love but there's no other way
While I was waiting Mark walked into my room Mark I sighed I almost forgot he existed Little brother went to get a girlfriend again and he decided to wait here I knew what that meant I didn't feel like it but he didn't care He put the door behind him and came to my bed and to my surprise he pulled down his pants without thinking asking or asking His dick was up a few inches from my head


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