VCA Gay – Total Corruption 01


We haven't seen each other since that night and it's been two weeks I missed him so much it wasn't an hour ago that I didn't think about him once I had no idea how I felt or how I should feel The only thing I knew was that I wanted the girl the smell of her hair the taste of her kiss or just her simple proximity
I came to work hoping I knew he'd be working today The last week The Dream Girl was on vacation and the week before that I was on vacation in the country Like months ago I got to work a half hour early today so I had time to go to the store next door When I saw her I couldn't and I didn't want to say anything Luca was opening the window wearing a long blue skirt on the ledge in front of the bars and having trouble with the top lock The wind flashed her otherwise unflattering skirt making her knees visible I just stood there and watched and I completely lost sight of it
- Oh Fool instead of staring at my legs so conspicuously help me open this damn grate
- Him yeah sure right away "In my girlish confusion I was suddenly unable to say anything else and I approached him and he held out his hand to me and I helped him down from the window"
I got up quickly and quickly opened the bars When I jumped down next to him he put a kiss right on my face
- Do you like my legs? You spent more time with them last time than you did with them
- You have beautiful legs but I wasn't looking at them I wasn't looking at them  My hands slowly touched her hips and they slipped down her thighs and I started caressing her legs
- No not here come in not on the street like that you freak We went into the shop and I jumped right into it I took my breath in a hurry I held him and with my lips I looked for his lips He resisted a little just to get me more excited and then he let go and he kissed me back I'm really crazy just like he assumed before I pressed her against the counter and kissed her Her face her neck I caressed her breasts through her blouse I grabbed her ass I lifted her up and I put her on the counter I didn't care about anythingI just wanted to feel him not just from the outside but not just with my body I knew I loved her and I really wanted her I started caressing her thighs standing between her legs so she was forced to spread them out a little bit
My hand went on the inside of the thigh and I approached his groin very slowly caressing his feet slowly I heard you were breathing fast
- You're crazy Stop it someone will come at any time stop it I ignored what you said I just caressed your breasts your legs and I felt it shake
'If we get caught I'll be fired and I don't know where I'll get a job 'she said' and then you won't always be near me ' she whispered in my ear slowly suppressing me That worked a little bitI knelt a little bit back with my legs shaking He slipped off the counter and for a moment I saw his wet underwear on him It just turned me on more but I put my mind to it blew all the air out of me just to calm down a little bit He stepped in front of me and hugged me It felt really good and it made me feel very relaxed the way you put your hands around my neck
- Now go you poor boy You have to open up - that's the phrase he used to break out of the hug step back a little bit and he definitely smoothed over the most somber part of my pants I had an arbitrary moan coming out of my throat
I would have tried to catch him but knowing how much he turned me on he just smiled complicit and went behind the counter
"You'll get this" I said and I went to open it
- All right you'll give it to me tonight I'll let you - he said it with laughter and I got the pump again I stumbled over it with great difficulty and I opened it I wish I hadn't The minutes seemed like hours but the time didn't pass I was so looking forward to the night He came over a few times during the day we smoked a few cigarettes together but we didn't talk about the night It's just when I caught his eye sometimes I could see he was nervous The day was long gone and by the time I locked him up he was waiting for me on the street
"Well" he said " How was your day?"
- Long and agonizing And full of anticipation
- What were you waiting for?
There was so much mischief in those few sentences it drove me crazy I could see that he knew what I was thinking and what I wanted and he was just teasing me even more I smiled All right let's play
- Tonight to be with you - I stood behind him and I started kissing his neck caressing his back touching his chest a little bit He sighed he wanted to turn around but I wouldn't let him He reached back with his hands but I grabbed them and I pinned him down in front of his chest so he wouldn't move it So we just stood there I kissed her neck scratched her back with my teeth and bit her gently I could feel my tongue giving him goose bumps on his neck shoulders and I'm guessing the whole back He sighed again


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