Urinal Antics 1

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My back is killing me I can barely move I still want to go to the bathroom but the bathtub's out They've assigned a nurse to come and clean you up every day He's been walking for a week I'm lying on the bed Key rings the nurse is coming
New woman hasn't been in yet Short petite brown hair eyes turning towards me blinding green I'm just watching him come in take off his cape Her skirt is so short underneath it's almost obscured by the belt White blouse white femur pale blue stilettos Her ass is unconscious her legs are nice her breasts are sweet tiny tits
He goes to the bathroom he brings water He's putting it down with his back to me As he leans down I slap my head but by the time I'm sure what I saw it'll be straight
She walks up to me pulls me up in a seat and she puts her tits in my mouth And my hands are touching his feet somewhere around the knee
I'm going to gently stroke her while she's fiddling with the pillow and her breasts are firmly pressed against me now and I'm going to stroke her legs her thighs up and up her nipples stretch her blouse
Before I reach the middle of his leg with a pat on the back he's gonna step away from me She leans down to water the sponge and now I can see her clearly and I'm staring at her pussy with a dry mouth which already glows wet
He starts washing me with a sponge First up then my leg up When he touches my tool it's stiff but he pretends not to notice it just washes it off and then he tells me to lean on my stomach My butt comes in wipes it with a wet sponge and I can feel it squishing a little bit because the water's dripping down my ass
And then I feel her finger rubbing the hole in a circle and the water makes it kind of slippery and then she sticks a finger in it You move it round and round and then you move it in and out and then you pull it out
My dick's about to explode and he's reaching under my belly to lift my butt I'm on my stomach and I'm on my knees
He's got one hand on my butt and he's putting two fingers in me and the other hand he's holding my dick and he's dragging his hand up and down with slow movements
I can reach his thigh with my hands I'm gonna start petting it up and up
She pushes her hips closer so I can get to her pussy I reach up one finger then two three I'm fingering her pussy while she's on my butt and she's jerking me off
And then it drags on
I look back I see her red face I'm sorry and stuff like that
I can't help myself I reach out to him it's a good thing I'm that much bigger even if he resists I pull him in The pain like it's gone I can barely feel it
His bonnet ends in a long ribbon at the back and I'll take it off his head and tie his hands behind his back I'm gonna grab his head and put it in my lap
I have to hold him tighthe's trying to pull away I'm gonna slap his ass when he opens his mouth and I'm gonna shove myself down his throat I'm squeezing his head with one hand in his hair sticking his mouth out I can't stand it much longer I come between her lips but I won't let go I want him to suck hard again


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